Tumse Hi Tumse - Anjaana Anjaani ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Anjaana Anjaani
Music : Vishal Sekhar
Singers : Shekhar Ravjiani, Caralisa Monteiro
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Anvita Dutt Guptan, Caralisa Monteiro

Ab Se Koi Khushi Nahi, Jiski Tum Wajah Nahi
From now there is no happiness for which you are not the reason

Ab Se Koi Din Nahi, Jiski Tum Subah Nahi
From now there is no day, for which you are not the dawn

Ab Se Koi Baat Nahi, Jo Tumse Na Hogi Shuru
From now there is no chat, which doesn't start with you

Ab Se Koi Raah Nahi, Jo Tum Sang Main Na Mudhoon
From now there is no path, where I won't turn with you

Abhi Ke Abhi Yeh Ho Gaya Yakeen
Right now, I realised

Yeh Zindagi Meri Ho Gayi Teri
That my life has become yours

Tumse Hi Tumse, Har Baat
Everything is by you

Har Baat Hai Jab Hum Ho Saath
Everything is there when we are together

I wait for a sign so I know you're mine everyday
I look in the mirror and I see your face
The walls break down, down
When you smile at me
And the world's much brighter than the one I see

Sayaa, Banke Tera Sayaa Chaloonga Sang Tere
Like a shadow, I will walk with you

Hai Tanha Tu Nahi
You are not alone

Payaa, Abhi Dhoond Payaa Tu Jisme Muskara De Woh Lamha Kyun Nahi
Now I realise why there is no moment which can make you smile

Aa Dhamloon Tujhe Ki Thokrein Mile Jo Zindagi Ki Raah Mein
I will hold you, when you fall on the path of life

Chupa Loon Dhoop Se Jahan Ki Main Le Loon Aa Tujhe Panah Mein
I will hide you from the sun and protect you in my shelter

Anjaana Tha Ehmiyat Se Teri Yaar Mera Guzra Kal
My past was unaware of your significance, my friend

Kab Jaana Tha Tere Vaaste Hi Aaj Se Hoga Har Pal
When did I know that, from today every moment will be for you

Main Karta Hoon Yeh Ilteja
I request you to

Phir Se Jeene Seekhle Zara
Please teach me to live once again

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  1. awesome song....i loved it....thanks for translatin


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