Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jayraj
Singer : Hariharan
Lyrics: Thamarai

I know it is a bit late this song came here. Yesterday I watched this movie again for the n'th time and the magic is still fresh. I Loved this movie for the magical son-father story. The Love story is also close to my heart. This is one song I won't mind sing again for her...

Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maa Mazhai
The rain in my heart
Neerukkul Moozhgidum Thaamarai
The lotus drowning in water

Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai
Weather changes suddenly

Penne Unn Mel Pizhai
Girl, you are to be blamed

Nillamal Veesidum Peralai
The never stopping waves

Nenjukkul Neenthidum Tharagai
The star swimming in my heart

Pon Vannam Soodiya Kaarigai
You are the golden beauty

Penne Nee Kaanchanai
You are pure gold

Oh Shaanti Shaanti Oh Shaanti
Oh Shaanti

Enn Uyirai Uyirai Nee Yenthi
Carrying my life

Yen Sendrai Sendrai Ennai Thaandi
Why did you walked past me

Ini Nee Thaan Enthan Andhathi
Now you are my chapter

Yedho Ondru Ennai Eerka
Something attracts me

Mookin Nuni Marmam Serka
The tip of your nose adds to the mistery

Kalla-thanam Yedhum Illai
There is no mischief

Punnagaiyo Boganvilla
Your smile is like boganvilla

Nee Nindra Idam Endral Vilai Yeri Pogadho
Wherever you stop, the place becomes priceless

Nee Sellum Vazhi Ellam Panikatti Aahadho
Won't the path you take be covered with ice

Ennodu Vaa Veedu Varaikkum
Come home with me

Enn Veetai Paar Ennai Pidikkum
Seeing my home you will like me

Ival Yaaro Yaaro Theriyadhey
Don't know who she is

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
My heart, do not follow her

Idhu Poyyo Meyyo Theriyadhey
Don't know whether this is truth or not

Ival Pinnal Nenje Pogadhey
My heart, do not follow her

Thookangalai Thooki Sendrai
She took my sleep away

Yekkangalai Thoovi Sendrai
And gave me longings

Unnai Thaandi Pogum Podhu
When I cross you

Veesum Kaatrin Veechu Veru
I can feel the air is different

Nil Endru Nee Sonnal Enn Kaalam Nagaradhey
If you say stop, my time will pause

Nee Soodum Poovellam Oru Podhum Udhiradhey
The flowers you keep on your hair, will never fall down

Kadhal Ennai Ketka Villa
Love didn't ask my permission

Kettal Adhu Kadhal Illa
If it asks, it will not be Love

Enn Jeevan Jeevan Nee Thaney
Only you are my life

Yena Thondrum Neram Idhu Thaney
This is the moment, I felt it

Nee Illai Illai Yendrale
If you say no

Enn Nenjam Nenjam Thaangadhey
My heart will not bear it

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  1. Beautiful song, thanks for the translation. I don't know which one I like better - Nenjukkul Peidhidum or Annul Maelae :) Would you mind translating it too?

    Great blog, thank you for all your work :)


  2. Nee Nindra Idam Endral Vilai Yeri Pogadho

    Wherever place you stands, becomes higher in price

    Ival Pinne Nenjai Porgathe

    My heart cannot go past you.
    (My heart cannot go further than you.)

  3. Hariji's magical voice :) what a song! song for a lifetime..

  4. Wherever you stop, the place becomes priceless.. I dedicate this song to my darling 😍😘

  5. Nice translation.. Thanks👍
    Can you suggest a site where I can get a translation of this song from movie Monalisa. An ARR song...
    Enthan uyiril ulavum devi...


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