Vizhi Moodi - Ayan ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Ayan
Music : Harris Jayraj
Lyircs : Vairamuthu
Singer : Karthik

Dreaming.. Day-dreaming... It's my favourite timepass. With open or closed eyes, I can dream any time anywhere... ;) And my favorite one is dreaming about love... How nice it is to have a walk with her beside me... We, in a world only of us... It is beautiful...

This song will make you dream... It is simple, hummable and lifting... Make you float in love... This is so simple that you can sing it to her... One can easily relate with this and start the dream journey... Here is the song for you...

Vizhi Moodi Yosithaal Angeyum Vandhaai Munney Munney
When I close my eyes and dream, you come in front of me

Thaniyaaga Pesidum Sandhosham Thandhaai Penney Penney..
Girl, you gave me happiness chatting to myself

Adi Idhupol Mazhai Kaalam Yen Vaazhvil Varumaa?
Will there be another rainy season like this in my life

Mazhai Kiliye, Mazhai Kiliye Un Kannai Kandeney
Oh rain bird, I saw your eyes

Vizhivazhiye, Vizhivazhiye Naan Yennai Kandeney
In your eyes, I saw myself

Sweet honey...

Kadalaai Pesidum Vaarthaigal Yaavum Thuliyaai Thuliyaai Kuraiyum
When I hear a lot, I lose it drop by drop

Maunam Pesidum Bashaigal Mattum Purinthidumey..
Now I only understands the sound of silence

Thaanaai Yenthan Kaalgal Irandum Undhan Dhisaiyil Nadakkum
My legs follows you on their own

Dhooram, Neram, Kaalam Yellaam Suringidumey
Distance, time, season - nothing matters now

Indha Kaadhal Vanthuvitaal Nam Degam Mithandhidumey
When in Love, the body floats...

Vinnodum Mugilodum Vilaiyadi Thirithidumey
Will wander playing with sky and clouds

Aasai Ennum Thoondil Mullthaan Meenai Nenjai Izhuukkum
The desires are like hook, and heart the fish

Maatikondapin Marupadi Maatida.. Manam Thudikkum
Once caught the bait, will feel like having it again

Suttrum Boomi Yennai Vittu Thaniyaai Suttri Parakkum
Earth will stop rotating and will start flying

Nindraal, Nadanthaal Nenjil Yedho Pudhu Mayakkam..
Walk or stop, my mind is drifting

Idhu Maya Valaiyallava?
Isn't this a magic net

Pudhu Monanilaallava?
New moonlight

Udai Maarum, Nadai Maarum Oru Baaram Yenai Pidikkum
My dress, walking, everything changes and I am liking it..

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