Lukka Chuppi - Rang De Basanti ::: Lyrics And English Transaltion

Movie : Rang De Basanti
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Prasoon Joshi
Singers : Lata Mangeshkar, A R Rahman

Mom... The only one who will love you unconditionally. And how much ever you might change, you still be the most beautiful people to her. Why only when we been away from home, we realise how good it was, when she was around. Waiting to feel, know, do what we need, want... Pamper in every moment...

She can't bear her kids ( even if they are 50 !! ) away from her. And she will always want them back to her. This song from Rang De Basanti asserts this feeling. The kid is away and mom is waiting for him to back. Lataji and Rahman sang this to perfection... If this made you teary, it's ok... You love your mom, right...

Luka Chuppi Bahut Huyi Saamne Aaja Naa
It's enough of hide and seek, come in front of me

Kahan Kahan Dhoondha Tujhe Thak Gayi Hai Ab Teri Maa
Your mom is tired looking for you up and down

Aaja Saanjh Hui Mujhe Teri Fikar
It's been evening and I am worried about you

Dhundhla Gayi Dekh Meri Nazar Aaja Na
Come dear, my eyes became blurred

Kya Bataoon Maa Kahan Hoon Main
Mom, what I can tell about where I am

Yahan Udne Ko Mere Khula Aasmaan Hai
Here I got open sky to fly

Tere Kisson Jaisa Bhola, Salona Jahan Hain Yahan -
Innocent, like your stories, here the world is beautiful

- Sapnowala Meri Patang Ho Befikar Udd Rahi Hai Maa
Mom, here my kite of dreams is soaring high without any worries

Dor Koi Loote Nahin, Beech Se Kaate Na
The string is not stolen, not cut in middle

Aaja Saanjh Hui Mujhe Teri Fikar
It's been evening and I am worried about you

Dhundhla Gayi Dekh Meri Nazar Aaja Na
Come dear, my eyes became blurred

Teri Raah Takey Aankhiyaan
My eyes are watching the way expecting you

Jaane Kaisa Kaisa Hoye Jiyaa
Don't know what my heart feels now

Dhire Dhire Aangan Utre Andhera, Mera Deep Kahan
Slowly darkness is growing into my courtyard, where is my lamp ( kid )

Dhalke Suraj Kare Ishara Chanda Tu Hai Kahan
The setting sun gives sign to me, where are you my moon

Mere Chanda Tu Hai Kahan
My dear son where are you..

Kaise Tujhko Dikhaun Yahaan Hai Kya
How can I show you what is here

Maine Jharne Se Paani Maa, Tod Ke Piya Hai
I have drunk water from the waterfall

Guchcha Guchcha Kayi Khwabon Ka, Uchalke Chuwa Hai
I jumped and touched many bundles of my dreams

Chaaya Liye Bhali Dhoop Yahaan Hai
Here, there is sun and shade

Naya Naya Sa Hai Roop Yahan
This place is very new and fresh

Yahaan Sab Kuch Hai Maa Phir Bhi Lage Bin Tere Mujhko Akela
Mom, here I got everything, still, without you I feel all alone... 

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    1. if you can"t like any song comment like you have write because there are so many lover of this song .. and if you don't like this song it means that you don't have hart

  2. hey man..really nice of u to be doin this...I have heard this song a million times but I was moved even without understandin the lyrics now the song only means more to me

  3. wonderful.. truly a magic song.
    thanks to u for the translation.

  4. Wonderfulllll song!!! :))))))))))

  5. Thnku soooo much my dear brother/sister for this wonderful Job !

  6. Its not a mater how many'eth time im hearing this beautiful song, stil i end up in tears with those final linez ! :'(


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