Nenjukulle - Kadal::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Kadal
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Singers: Shakthisree Gopalan, A.R. Rahman

We know we are late. When we publish it, we wanted it to be satisfying, if not perfect. The poem is really deep though the words are very simple! Like 'Icchi Marathu Mela Elai Kooda Thoongiruche' - there is something special about the banyan leaf - it is one of the lightest leaf and when the poet says even it has slept, he meant the hour is so late... Well, now it is yours. You may say how much we are there...

Nenjukulle Omma Mudunjirukken
I have engraved you in my heart

Inga Ethisayil Enn Pozhapu Vidinjiruko
I wonder where my life is taking me to

Vellai Paarvai Veesi Vitteer Munnadi
You looked at me with Love

Idha Thangaatha Manassu Thanni Patta Kannadi
Which made my heart become like damp mirror

Vanna Maniyaaram Valathu Kai Gediyaaram
Your colourful pendant or the watch in your right wrist

Aana Puliyellam Adukkum Adhigaaram
Are enough to tame elephants or tigers

Neer Pona Pinnum Nizhal Mattum Pogalaye Pogalaye
Though you left, your shadow haven’t left

Nenjukulla Nizhal Vanthu Vizhunthiruche
It is left in my heart

Appa Niminthava Thaan Apuramma Kuniyalaye Kuniyalaye
I have never lowered my gaze from then

Kodakambi Pola Manam Kuthi Nikkuthe
My heart is awake and alert like a steel rib of an umbrella     

Patchi Urangirichu
The birds have slept

Paal Thairaa Thoongirichu
The milk slept to curd

Icchi Marathu Mela Elai Kooda Thoongiruche
Even the leaves of banyan tree have slept

Kaasa Noikaarigalum Kannurangum Velayila
At a time when even the TB patients are able to sleep

Aasanoi Vanthamaga Arai Nimisham Thoongalaye
The lady who is stuck with Love, is not able to sleep even for a moment

Oru Vaayi Irangalaye
I am not able to eat even a mouthful

Ulnaakku Nanaiyalaye
My throat has not been wet through

Ezhettu Naalaa Echil Muzhungalaye   
For the last few days I am not able to swallow even saliva

Ezhai Ilanchirukki Ethum Solla Mudiyalaye
This poor girl is not able to express herself

Rubber Valaivikkellam Sathamida Vaayillaye
Like the rubber bangles which cannot make sound


  1. nice work - but in the line about elephants and tigers - I don't think there is a reference to elephants? - aana here is just like but you have the power to control even tigers....and i would also recommend to look into the fact that the tree what sleeps is not the banyan but the raintree and you could consider not having something like TB disease mentioned ...just being a bit soft that's all....well done

    1. Thanks for reading it closely. About the tree thing, it is said that the banyan and neem trees have the lightest of leaves. Which will flutter for the slightest of wind. So at a time when even their leaves are not moving, it is late to sleep and the lady bitten by Love is not able to sleep... So goes TB too ;)

  2. Awesome...I also think that it is ok to compare with the lightest banyan leaf and tb patients.....good lyrics...awesome imagination.....

  3. Could u plz tranasalte maalayi yaaro... Song plzzz...

  4. Could u plz tranasalte maalayi yaaro... Song plzzz...

  5. this is the transcript close to real thoughts of song.
    thanks keep up the good work.
    PS. Can I get Naan Nee Madras

  6. that is goo translation but to my side i would like to use simple words for translation ,and not use hard vocabulary.i enjoyed..gud

  7. Too good translation!! Keep up the good work :) loved it totally!


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