Sauda Hai Dil Ka - Aakrosh ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Aakrosh
Music : Pritam
Singer : Javed Ali
Lyrics: Irsaad Kamil

Seedhe Saadhe Saara Sauda Seedha Seedha Hona Jee
Dear, all deals should be simple

Maine Tu Ko Pana Hai Ya Tu Ne Main Ko Khona Jee
Either me to get you or you to lose me

Aaja Dil Ki Kare Saude Baazi, Kya Narazi
Come, let's do this deal of hearts, why are you upset

Arey Aa Re Aa Re Aa
Come on dear

Sauda Hai Dil Ka Yeh Tu Kar Bhi Le
This is the deal of heart, you may do it

Mera Jahan Bahon Mein Tu Bhar Bhi Le
My love, please fill me in your arms

Saude Mein De Kasam, Kasam Bhi Le
Let's swear on this deal

Aake Tu Nigahon Mein Sawar Bhi Le
Dear, remain in my eyes and beautify it


Sauda Udano Ka Hai
This is the deal of flight

Ya Aasmano Ka Hai
Or the sky

Le Le Udanein Meri
You may take my flight

Le Mere Par Bhi Le
Take my wings too

Sauda Ummeedon Ka Hai
This is the deal of faith

Khwabon Ka Neendon Ka Hai
Of dreams and sleeps

Le Le Tu Neendein Meri
You may take my sleep away

Naino Mein Ghar Bhi Le
Make my eyes your home

Dil Kahe Tere Main Hoton Se Baaton Ko Chupke Se Loon Utah
My heart says, gently steal the talk from your lips

Uss Jagah Dheere Se Haule Se Geeton Ko Apne Mein Doon Bitah
Instead, slowly fill them with songs

Sauda Taranon Ka Hai
The deal is of poems

Dil Ke Fasano Ka Hai
And the relation of the heart

Le Le Tarane Mere
You may take my songs

Hoton Pe Ghar Bhi Le
Make your lips their home

Sauda Ujaalo Ka Hain
The deal is of the light

Roshan Khayalon Ka
HaiIs of bright thoughts

Le Le Ujaale Mere
You may take my light

Aaja Nazar Bhi Le
Come, take my sight too

Main Kabhi Bhoolunga Na Tujhe
I will never forget you

Chahe Tu Mujhko Dena Bhula
Even if you forget me

Adatein Jaise Hai Tu Meri
You are a habit of mine

Adatein Kaise Bhoolun Bhala
How can I forget my habit

Sauda Yeh Vaadon Ka Hai
This deal is of promises

Yaadon Iradon Ka Hai
Of memories and thoughts

Le Le Tu Vadein Chahe
You may take all the promises

Tu To Mukar Bhi Le
Even decline them

Sauda Isharon Ka Hai
The deal is of hints

Chahat Ke Maaron Ka Hai
Of blow of desires

Le Le Isharein Mere
You may take my hints

Inka Asar Bhi Le
And its result too

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  1. Thankz for the translation i rlly suffered wat the exact meaning now i feel good

  2. wow! nice lyric and translation :)

  3. wonderful makes me feel as if i am dancing in the air and now that really a deal with my inner self.

  4. song is very nice but translation is rubbish. in translation there is no connection with emotions. This is a very emotional song. you did the literal meaning of the song.

  5. The last Anonymous,
    Wish you had left your name. The earlier guys, by the way, do not share your opinion. Look at it again when you are sober.

  6. ws nt abl 2 get d exct words..thnks.ds hlpd me ot!!!!!!!!!


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