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There are many sites for the lyrics and translation for Hindi and Tamil songs. I used to browse them frequently to get the meaning of my favorites songs. I didn't start this blog to add one more to that list. I remember this incident when I was in high school. I liked the song  'Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Tho Aisa Laga' from 1942 A Love Story... That time, my Hindi was so poor that I didn't get the meaning completely ( it improved fairly now ;) ). So I made Achan buy me a Hindi-Malayalam Dictionary ! 

I believe unless we know the meaning of the lines, we can not enjoy or appreciate the song completely ( many of the comments I receive proves it). Songs with deep meaning or which strike a chord with our heart... it will never become obsolete. The more you listen to it, the more it will grow within you.

I was looking for 'Rehna Tu' lyrics from Dilli 6. But didn't like the translations I found on web. When I completely translated it I was struck by the beauty of the song. My friend liked it and it was her encouragement I started this blog to post it. I added a story why I liked it in the beginning ( every song has a story in red ). I guess it makes this blog different among the lot. Also, I am trying my best to give a poetic touch to it than just a word by word literal translation. That's how I understand and enjoy them.

Though felt a bit silly, I was happy for my effort. Now I got many comments to say that they Love my blog. When somebody says my translation helped them understand the song better and they hooked to them, I feel content. I no longer consider it silly. Because many beautiful people around there proves it wrong with their comment and by following the blog.
Thank You for your Love. For Loving my dreams. See you again...

Update 23 Sept 2010 : I stopped writing  story. Most songs here sing about Love. And I end up writing about Love every time. So from now on, just the song and translation. So that the readers can relate to the songs, the way they feel ;)


  1. This is an awesome blog :) I am not Indian but I love Hindi songs, and you have helped me understand what my favourite songs mean!! Thank you so much. Would you be able to translate "Pee Loon" as well? I heard it recently and love it!!! Dhanyavad! :)

  2. Hi,
    Its superb experience to visit this.
    It helped me a lot to express some feelings which u can not express in English and still u want to share that with someone special. Thanks a lot buddy :)

  3. Dear, you made my day, I like the sincere attempt at making the meaning whole, beautiful and poetic. Please keep the good work.

  4. thanks a lot. i am very poor in hindi but i love hindi songs. thank u again.

  5. Kate (Prague, Czech Republic)March 28, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    THANK You!
    I just came back from Pakistan, bought load of movies & really want to understand!
    (especially since I try to sing along...don't want to go around singing something I dont understand :)
    & they are so poetic! LOVE the way you translate!
    Obivously I can not judge on the quality of the translation as such, not speaking Hindi or Urdu, but I believe you kept to poetic, rather than translating word by word... (like my colleagues tried, it was definetelly not poetic at all, though the original is poetry it self)

    Thanx again!
    Prague, Czech Republic

    PS - Lena will be happy too, to see that Pee Loon is already here too :)

  6. Hello,

    I just found ur blog looking for the translation of 'dil ibadaat'... i was crying few minutes ago,I live and was born in France but my parents are both frm Mauritius Island and all my family live there,my aunties,cousins,ervyone and i plan later to go live in mauritius,i feel like a migrant here even i was born here.Am sorry if my english is not correct..What i wanted to say is thank u,i feel less lonely knowing there are ppl like me who miss their homelands,ppl they love,the deep air... And ya,ur blog is great both my parents understand and can speak urdu,hindi as they studied for some years in india and i too understand a bit cuz am crazy about india,not only bollywood world bt India in itself,my dream is to see the Taj and to marry a second time(with the same man of course)at this magic place... Am sorry if ive tell u too much about my personal life but i could'nt help... Thank u again and u are a gud writer,i think u already know it but ppl like u who put their feelings in their writings are rare...

  7. Ya.What you feel is true.
    Meaning is also important..We can't enjoy it fully without meaning..
    I wrote to get the meaning of Kaash (Hariharan) song , in this blog.
    Could you please post it?

    And , one more thing..among many sites, i book marked this blog..
    Feel some speciality in maintaining...

  8. to0 go0d!
    Surilee ankhiyon jaisa!!

  9. beautiful blog just dicovered that there is a blog like this i searched so much from long time culdnt find one ... really reallly loved the way u describe the song it gives an intense fell to song and beauty to it :) very happy i found this blog... please keep blogging all beautiful songs and esp ar rehman

    1. Thank you Shravani. You can follow / subscribe by email or like our facebook page to keep updated...


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