Dhooop Ke Makaan - Break Ke Baad ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Break Ke Baad
Music : Vishal - Shekhar
Singers : Shekhar Ravjiani, Sunidhi Chauhan
Lyrics : Prasoon Joshi

Barish Hai Khayalon Mein, Sab Dhul Jayega
It's raining in my thoughts, everything will be washed away

Roshan Rasta Naya Ek Khul Jayega
A new bright way will open up

Beh Jayega Tinka Tinka Kal Ka Silsila, Chalo
Bit by bit, all strings of yesterday will flow away

Mil Jayega Aur Ek Haseen Kafila, Chalo
Come on, will find a wonderful caravan

Dhooop Ke Makaan Sa Yeh
It's like a castle of sunshine

Hai Safar Dhalan Sa Yeh
Like a relaxing journey

Mod Meharban Sa Hai Yeh
Feel this turn is very sympathetic

Chat Tapakti Hai Kabhi Ehsaas Ki
At times, the roof of emotions leaks

Yaad Aati Hai Purani Pyas Ki
And remember about the old desires

Par Naye Naye Badal Baras Kar Jhoomte Hai
But, new clouds are dancing and pouring

Boond Ki Ladiyon Se Maadha Choomte Hai
Kissing the forehead with the thread of drops

Bheegne Ki Yeh Ghadi Hai
This moment is to get wet

Ek Nayi Rut Sang Khadi Hai
A new start is awaiting

Baat Chotti Par Badi Hai Yeh
Though small, it is a big thing

Kitni Oonchi Shaakh Pe Khusiyon Ke Pal
The moments of happiness are on the high branches

Phir Bhi Khusboo Thod Li Humne Uchchal
Still, we jumped and plucked them

Haan, Kaanch Ka Saamaan The, Aur Gir Gaye Hum
We were like things of glass and we fell down

Jodkar Khudko Banane Phir Gaye Hum
We went on to rebuild ourselves

Door Dariya Ke Kinare
On a distant shore

Zindagi Karti Ishare
Life is waiting

Aasmaan Pe Hai Naye Taare
With new stars filled in the sky

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