Call Me Dil - Jhootha Hi Sahi ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Jhootha Hi Sahi
Music : A R Rahman
Singers : Rashid Ali
Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala

Mera O Mera Chehra, Hua Mujhse Anjaan Kyun
Oh, why my face has become unknown to me

Kaun Hoon Main, Kaun Hoon Main
Who am I

Aawaz Tho Hai Meri, Par Kehta Koi Aur Hai
Though the voice is mine, someone else is talking

Jhoothi Meri Baatein Aur Sacha Mera Pyaar
Though what I say is lie, my Love is true

Tho Kya Meri Pehchaan Hai
So what's my identity

Bolo Na Kya Naam Hai
Tell me what's my name

Call Me Dil, Call Me Baby
Call me heart, call me baby

Call Me Jo Naam Tu, Main Wahi
I am whatever you call me

Call Me Sach Tho Main Sacha
If you call me truth, I am truth

Call Me Chahe Jhootha Hi Sahi
If you wish, call me a liar too

Ek Bas Dil Hai Mera
I have only one heart

Tujhpe Hi Fida Tho Hai
And is lost on you

Kaise Yeh Maan Le Ab
How can I believe this now

Hone Ko Alvida Tho Hai
That we need to part

Ruk Jaa Dil Deewani
Oh my love, please stop

Pooche Dil Mera
My heart is asking

Kyun Yeh Saza,Dil Tho Nadan Hai
Why is this punishment, the heart is innocent

Tere Dil Se Pehle, Tootega Dil Mera
Before to your heart, my heart will break

Hai Yeh Vaada, Hai Ye Vaada
That's a promise

Har Jhooth Aaine Mein, Sacha Sa Lag Raha Hai
Every lie on the mirror, looks true

Dekhle Tu Bhi Tho Ho Ek Baar
You may also have a look

Ke Kya Meri Pehchan Hai
Is this my identity

Bolo Na Kya Naam Hai
Tell me what's my name

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