Mere Bina / Tujhko Jo Paaya - Crook ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Crook
Music : Pritam
Singers : KK / Nikhil Dsouza / Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics: Kumaar

Mere Bina Main Rehne Laga Hoon
Without myself, I started living

Teri Hawaon Mein Behne Laga Hoon
In your wind, I am drifting

Jaane Main Kaise Tera Hua Hoon
Don't know how I bacame yours

Mujhe Tho Lagta Hai Main Shayad Tere Dil Ki Dua Hoon
Feel like I am a wish of your heart

Tujhko Jo Paaya, Tho Jeena Aaya
With you, I learnt to live

Ab Yeh Lamha Theher Jaye, Tham Jaye, Bas Jaye Hum Donon Ke Darmiyan
Now this momement may pause, stop, lives between us

Pehle Se Zyada Main Jee Raha Hoon
Now I am living more than earlier

Jabse Main Tere Dil Se Juda Hoon
Since I'm attached to your heart

Rahon Pe Teri, Main Tho Chala Hoon
I am walking on your path

Tu Meri Manzil Hai
You are my destination

Tere Kadmon Pe Bas Rukne Laga Hoon
I've started stopping only at your feet

Teri Nazar Mein Nayi Si Adaa Hai
There is a new grace in your eyes

Naya Sa Nasha Bhi Ghula Hai
A new charm disolved to it

Kayi Dino Se Bandhaa Tha Baadal Jo
The cloud which was tied for long

Tere Hi Baalon Mein Khula Hai
Has opened in your tress

Teri Hadon Mein Meri Basar Hai
I am living within you

Ab Tujhe Bhi Janu Kidhar Hai
Now where else you need to go

Jahan Rahe Tu, Main Woh Jahan Hoon
I am that world where you live

Jise Jiye Tu, Main Woh Sama Hoon
I am the air where you live

Teri Waja Se Naya Naya Hoon
Because of you, I am new

Pehle Kaha Na Maine Ab Yeh Tumse Kehne Laga Hoon
I haven't told you earlier, but now I am telling you

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  1. plz tramslate songs frm action replyy movie

  2. One is here...

  3. thanks for of my favourites.

  4. Im come from Indonesian, ut this song my favorite..


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