Surili Akhiyon Wale - Veer ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Veer
Music : Sajid - Wajid
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Suzanne D'Mello
Lyrics: Gulzar

Eyes.. The most effective communicator in Love... Reading each others eyes, and communicate without speaking even a word, it is the direct talking between the hearts. Isn't it beautiful, when you know that your soulmate read everything in your heart without you explicitly tell her... Immerse completely in Love and
feel the magic...

This song celebrates the language of the eyes. Gulzar saab pens it like the way only he can. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan voices it perfectly. The richness and a bit of oldiness in the music syncs well. Violin, flute and the jhanaks gives it a dreamy touch. Listen to it and start dreaming about your soulmate, with eyes closed...

Surili Akhiyonwale, Suna Hai Teri Akhiyon Se
Oh beautiful eyes, I hear your eyes

Behti Hai Neendein Aur Neendon Mein Sapne
I saw sleep, and dreams floating in it

Kabhi To Kinaron Pe, Utar Mere Sapnon Se
At times, from the dreams please come down to my side

Aaja Zameen Pe Aur Mil Jaa Kahin Pe
Come down and lets meet somewhere

Mil Jaa Kahin, Samay Se Pareh
Lets meet somewhere beyond time

Tu Bhi Akhiyon Se Kabhi Meri Akhiyon Ki Sunn
Let your eyes listen to my eyes

Jaane Tu Kahan Hai
Don't know where you are

Udti Hawa Pe Tere Pairon Ke Nishan Dekhe
I saw your footsteps in the breeze

Doondha Hai Zameen Pe,
I searched the entire world

Chana Hai Falak Pe
My face so eager

Saare Aasman Dekhe
Searched the entire sky

Mil Jaa Kahin, Samay Se Pareh
Lets meet somewhere beyond time

Tu Bhi Akhiyon Se Kabhi Meri Akhiyon Ki Sunn
Let your eyes listen to my eyes

Everytime I look into your eyes, I see my paradise
The stars are shining right up in the sky, painting words of desire
Can this be real, are you the one for me
You have captured my mind, my heart, my soul on earth
You are the one waiting for

Hoth Mein Chupke Dekh Rahe The, Chaand Ke Peeche, Peeche The
Was looking at your lips, hiding behind the moon

Saara Jahan Dekha, Dekha Na Aakhon Mein, Palkon Ke Neeche The
Searched the entire world, but not in the eyes and it was under the eye lashes

Aa Chal Kahin, Samay Se Pareh,
Lets go, somewhere beyond time

Tu Bhi Akhiyon Se Kabhi Meri Akhiyon Ki Sunn
Let your eyes listen to my eyes

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  1. Beautiful!
    I tried love, but it didnt work out. This give me hope.

  2. Thank you, was looking to find the translations of the song "Kaisi Hai Ye Udassi" Brilliant site and beautiful words you use above the song translations in red. Thanks again :-)

  3. Thank you.
    Nice to see you like the translation and my story in red - the reason I like the song...

    1. Very nice really fel cry after see the english translation thnx very much yaar

    2. I'm actually Ethiopian but I grew up listening to Indian music. And thanx for the transition

  4. heyyyyyyyy it is difficult to sing the song in english translation

  5. Hi Tanmay
    Please refer the link :फलक&f=0&t=0&l=hi

    And these songs, better do not translate word by word. It is more I feel the song, ok ;)

  6. Hi Bijith
    I understand that you chose the website shabdkosh. But as you said the song is written by Gulzar who is more of a poet than just a film song writer. He is a shayar and i am sure that falak means heaven or the sky . For reference you can check out the songs from Tashan "Falak Tak Chal" and "Falak Dekhoon" from Garam Masala. And one more thing what have you chose as dictionary is a hindi one and not an urdu one and primarily Gulzar writes in urdu.
    This by no means is to find faults in your translation . You are doing a great job by sitting and searching the meanings of all those difficult words but my suggestion is to use more dictionaries as there are more meanings to all songs.
    My mail id is
    I am really sorry if i have offended you in any way.

  7. Hoth Mein Chupke Dekh Rahe The...

    its not hoth(lips)...its Oth...

    nice work...thnks...Samay se pareh...

  8. Thanks alot Bijith :)

  9. nice translation...thanks for making me understand the song more...i really love it,evry time i listen to it,it makes me feel euphoric...It'z a very good one...

  10. Thanks for the translations! Keep it up!

  11. i love this song. i remember someone everytime i hear this song. what a lovely song. i like it.

  12. i really love it ... u know wen i read it i realy miss someone very special ...

  13. Thank you All. And it is the feeling like Alina's that made me start this blog. It is always nice to see many related to songs the way I do... Come visit this too...!/pages/Bijiths-Blogs/243229535687895

  14. This song makes me cry for someone ... bt he wants someone else ... I know I wont get him ... I'm very sad for that ... bt i love myself so i always try to be happy and I pray for him that whom he wants he may get her ...

  15. Sorry to hear that Alaina. May you win your real Love soon...

  16. ....the song issss veeeerrrryy beautiiful... i like it.. yeah.. heheheheh...

  17. love the music . i like to point out too regarding translation. heaven? sky? whatever...
    As Veer in this movie the character also pointed out in response to the frigidity of people , be it out of sincerity or insincerity, "protocol? music has no protocol". what's in the words? a rose by other name smells equally sweet. enjoy the music and the sentiments. don't lose it all by dissecting the beauty until it is nothing left but disjointed parts like a coroner with a dead body. music and poetry are not dead bodies to be picked apart bone by bone.


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