Kaisi Hai Yeh Udaasi - Karthik Calling Karthik ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Karthik Calling Karthik
Music : Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Singers: Kailash Kher , Sukanya Purayastha
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Separation - even for a moment is painful. May be temporary, a minute
misunderstanding, it is tough to sail that phase through. On the flipside, it is
then we realise the meaning of each other. How incomplete it is without the
other... Wish nobody find themselves in it - for long...

Listen to the simplicity of this song. The music, words, singing everything
reflects pain, but it is not screaming. You can feel the heart full of emotion, eyes
filled with tears. The flute opening is amazing, so is the violin's company.
Dholak recreates the heartbeat - slow, sad and deep.

Kaisi Hai Yeh Udhasi Chaayi, Mere Dil
Oh my heart, the sadness is spreading over you

Kaisi Gehari Hai Yeh Tanhaye, Mere Dil
The loneliness is so deep

Rahon Mein Yaadon Ki Khamoshi Barse
All my way, silence is showering

Ankhon Mein Jo Gham Hai Aasu Ko Tarse
The sorrow in the eyes make it full

Yeh Bataa, Yeh Kyun Hua
Tell me why it happened

Bujh Gaya Kyun Har Diya
That, all the lights have blown

Jo Bhi Mila, Woh Kho Gaya
Who was with me, I lost her

Tujhko Pata Hai, Aisa Hi Sada Hota Hai
You see, it happens everytime

Jaana Hi Tha Woh Jo Gaya
Whoever has to leave, left me

Dil Tu Akela Aise Kyun Bhala Rota Hai
Then why you are crying my heart

Bhoole Jo Hain Tujhko Ab Unko Bhool Jaa Tu Bhi
Who'd forgot you, it's time for you to forget her

Warna Mere Saath Yadon Ke Zakhm Kha Tu Bhi
Else, with me, you may also get hurt by the memories

Maanja Aye Dil Mere
Dear Heart, listen

Bhool Ja Shikwe Giley
Do not feel hurt

Tu Hi Bata Aye Dil Mere
Tell me my heart

Maine To Hamesha Tera Hi Kaha Maana Hai
I always listened to you

Kyun Hai Mujhe Yeh Gham Ghere
Why the sorrow eclipse me

Mujhe Umar Kya Bas Yeh Hi Sazaa Paana Hai
Should I get this life-long punishment

Sapne Buyo Maine Aur Dard Maine Hai Kaate
I knitted the dreams, and now I got this agony

Gaaye Geet Maine Aur Paaye Maine Sannate
I used to sing, and all I got this silence

Aarzoo Nakaam Hai
All my wish gone waste

Sooni Si Har Shaam Hai
All my dawns are alone

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  1. Thank you Prajkta for your help in translating the song.

  2. Have u heard Jane Yeh Kya Hua from Karthik calling Karthik???...It is just magical....

  3. Having the translation just makes the song even more magical for non-hindi speakers like myself.
    Thank you!

  4. u've got a very good slection of songs in your blog....and thanks for the translation...it helps me to enjoy the song even more...

    P.S.We both r very similar taste in music :)


  5. Beautiful!

    Shared on the blog,
    Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

    Thanks for this lovely sharing and service to our heart.

  6. Every line of this song stabs my heart and breaks it
    into a thousand pieces!

  7. its vry closd to ma heart....... luv this song.. thanks Mr. Akthar...

  8. i love this song and its meaning, it is my life....

    1. Thank you Nelu. Do hope and wish your life may differ from this song soon...

  9. i love this song very much and when i read this translation i knew how deep the song is

  10. What an amazing feeling! What an amazing song!


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