Thode Badmash Ho Tum - Saawariya ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Saawariya
Music : Monty Sharma
Singers: Shreya Ghosal
Lyrics: Sameer

Why is your soul mate dear to you... Is it just because she / he is very nice all the time... It will be boring, for both. I like mine to be nice and naughty, and who will let me be so too. Because, only then we will have more colours, action and moods to our world, our life. Isn't it perfect to have someone with whom you can be yourself, and still be Loved... Listen to this song. The innocence will be the first thing you notice. When you listen again, the Love and the declaration of it, accepting her Love unconditionally will move you... Who else can sing this song better than Shreya... Dedicated to all the Lovers in the world. Happy Valentines Day...

Thode Badmash Ho Tum
You are a bit naughty

Thode Nadan Ho Tum
A bit innocent

Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai
Yeah, but it is true

Hamari Jaana Ho Tum
That you are my life

Meri Saanson Ki Jhankar Ho Tum
You are the rhythm of my breath

Mera Solah Shringar Ho Tum
You are my jewelleries

Meri Aankhon Ka Intezar Ho Tum
You are what my eyes long for

Meri Imaan, Meri Shaan, Mera Maan Ho Tum
You are my trust, my pride, my honour

Thoda Beimaan Ho Tum
You are little non-trust worthy

Thode Saitaan Ho Tum
Bit of devil

Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai
Yeah, but it is true

Mere Bhagwaan Ho Tum
That you are my God

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  1. awesome!!!!..i luv this song...

  2. wow..awesome voicce..diehard fan of shreya ghosal

  3. this song always remains in my muSICKal ears as though my beloved singing it to me.. and at last, I just keep a smile..

  4. Excellent song ..and thanks for the translation... I did not know the meaning for a word or two in the last stanza... very realistic...

  5. only for my sheeru...... MY MI....

  6. jz lv shreyas voice...thumbs up..


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