Mannipaya - Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa
Music : A R Rahman
Singer: A R Rahman, Shreya Ghosal
Lyrics: Thamarai

Have you ever fell in Love and didn't have the courage or chance to say it... It hurts deep... You always knew that it was Love but never admit it and always pretended the other way. Only to find that the time is too late and now you can not undo what you did and no point in admit your Love... You will weep all day, all night. Wishing you can turn back time and have him / her with you... Don't stop yourself from admit Love. When you Love one, tell them you Love. Sink in the feeling of Love and being Loved. Maestro give the magic touch to the beautiful lines penned by Tamarai. And sung it soulfully with Shreya. Both have captured the soul of the song and convey it to the listener effortlessly. Do not repeat this song on your iPod, you will be addicted to it, beyond your breath...

Kadalinil Meenaaga Irundhaval Naan
I was a fish in the sea

Unakkena Karai Thaandi Vandhaval Thaan
I came to the land only for you

Thudithirunthen Tharayinile
I was struggling in the land

Thirumbivitten En Kadalidame
That, I went back to my sea

Oru Naal Sirithen
One day I smiled to you

Maru Naal Veruthen
Next day hated

Unnai Naan Kollamal Kondru Puthaitheney
I tortured you every moment

Please forgive me...

Kanne Thadumaari Nadanthen
Dear, I was struggling to walk

Noolil Aadum Mazhayaagi Ponen
I was waving like a raindrop stuck on a thread

Unnaal Dhaan Kalaignaai Aaneney
You made me an artist

Tholai Thoorathil Velicham Nee
You are like light at a distance

Unai Nokkiye Enai Eerkiraaye
I am moving on towards you

Melum Melum Urugi Urugi, Unai Enni Engum Idhayathai Enna Seiven
What would I do to my heart, which burns every moment thinking about you

Odum Neeril Ore Alai Thaan Naan
I am just a wave in running water

Ulley Ulla Eeram Nee Thaan
You are the soul within

Varam Kidaithum Naan Thavara Vitten
I lost the boon I had

Mannippaaya Anbey
Please forgive me, my Love...

Kaatrile Aadum Kakidham Naan
I was a paper drifting in wind

Nee Thaan Ennai Kaditham Aakkinaai
You made me the letter

Anbil Thodangi Anbil Mudikkiren
Will start and end in Love,

En Kalangarai Vilakkamey
My guiding light

Anbirkum Undo Aazhaikkum Thaazh
Love can not be locked

Aarvalar Pun Kanneer Poosal Tharum
When you meet Love, tears will flow on its own

Anbilaar Ellam Thamakkuriyar
One who doesn't love is possessive about everything

Anbudayaar Endrum Uriyar Pirarkku
One who loves would even be willing to part their bones

Pulambal Enasendren Pullinen Nenjam
Pretending I hate him, I went away

Kalathal Uruvadhu Kandu
The moment I realise my mind unites with his I embraced him

Yen En Vaazhvil Vandhaai Kanna Nee
Why did you come to my life, my beloved

Povaayo Kaanal Neer Pole Thondri
And leaving like a mirage

Anaivarum Urangidum Iravenum Neram
When the whole world sleeps at night

Enakkadhu Thalayanai Nanaithidum Neram
It is time for me to wet my pillow with tears

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  1. Was looking for the perfect words to translate this. About the Thirukural lines, I used the meaning I got from web. Open to your suggestions.

  2. Mannipaaya is truly awesome yaar! loved it more in the movie.....maybe coz it ws picturized in some heaven called....KERALA!

  3. Your translations are awesome!

    I have a small correction regarding the Thirukurals:

    Anbilaar Ellam Thamakkuriyar
    Anbudayaar Endrum Uriyar Pirarkku (Kural 72)
    One who doesn't love is possessive about everything. One who loves would even be willing to part their bones.

    Pulambal Ena sendren Pullinen Nenjam
    Kalathal Uruvadhu Kandu (Kural 1259)
    "I 'll shun his greeting"; saying thus with pride away I went:
    I held him in my arms, for straight I felt my heart relent.

    [Translation Courtesy:]

  4. Thanks Sony for the Thirukural translation. Now it looks better.

  5. truly an awesome song, wonderful music and soul melting lyric.

  6. thers no limit to talent. that shreya ghoshal coild sing so well in a very different language is an awesome achievement. beautifully sung and it was good reading the translation.. thanks. this webpage is on by desktop for now :) :P

  7. Cant Explain.. How good it was... A true Feeling of Love

  8. Heyy .. um if u could ... could u kinda post the lyrics and translation in english of UTHAMA PUTHIRAN movie songs :)

  9. it's heart touching song............relly gud

  10. heavenly feeling
    the pain of love that dwells in this
    repeated listening u will addicted to it

  11. Really I,ve no word about the song, Ar Rahman, Shreya, ultimately Thmarai.
    Ofcourse Gowdham Vasudev Menon has once again given a soulful song to th Tamil audienece. Thanks to him.

  12. Beautiful!!! I know that everyone who has listened to the song with heart will understand what "beautiful" conveys..

  13. Nice work.

    I gave a go at translating this song in 2010. Please do read and let me know your feedback.


  14. ohhh..God...what a song is feels very much at heart....i didnt know the real meaning....when i heard this song first time....after reading this article....i feel tears abt the song......hats off to the creators of the song....and Bijith you too deserve a compliment.......all prayers.....

  15. ...Superb lines!!!
    ..touching w0rdz wid a melodious voice!!!
    ..really heart-t0uching!
    ..hats 0ff 2 d lyricist, c0mposer n' singers!!!
    ..<3 it!!!


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