Jaane Ye Kya Hua - Karthik Calling Karthik ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Karthik Calling Karthik
Music : Shanker,Ehssan,Loy
Singer: KK
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Float in dreams... Dreams of Love... This song will give you this feeling. Keep repeating it on your iPod, and you will feel yourself floating mid-air. And the force that keep you float - Love... The happiness and completeness of having Love beside you... Do you need more....

This simple song will drift you for sure. Javedji rocks again !!! And the music and KK's soulful singing compliments it. Listen now...

Jaane Yeh Kya Hua
Wonder what has happened

Hum Donon Ka Yun Milna
That we met each other

Aise Paas Aana
And became close

Jaane Yeh Kya Hua
Wonder what has happened

Ab Har Pal Anjana Hai
Now every moment is unusual

Dekho Hona Hai, Aur Kya
It has to happen, what else

Jaane Kyun Lagta Hai
Why I feel like

Dheere Se Haule Se Geet Koi Dil Hai Gaa Raha
My heart is singing some song softly

Jaane Kyun Lagta Hai
Why do I feel like

Ab Jaise Har Lamha Har Pal Mai Muskura Raha
Every moment, every second is smiling now

Tumhein Hai Pata, Maine Pehli Baar Jo Dekha Tumhe
Do you know, when I saw you for the first time

Mujhe Yeh Laga, Chahun Bhi Tho Kaise Paa Sakunga Tumhe
I felt like, even if I Love you, I will not be able to make you mine

Sapna Tha Ek Din Tho
One day I dreamt that

Main Hoon Tum Ho
You were there with me

Tum Dheere Se Bolo ' Tumko Apna Maana Hai '
And you say ' I consider you mine'

Dekho Hona Hai Aur Kya
It has to happen, no other way

Kahun Kya Bhala Tumhi Ko Tho Main Chahta Hoon Suno
Do I need to tell, I Loved only you

Tumein Jo Mila Maine Jaana Main Bhi Zinda Hoon Suno
That I feel alive only after I got you

Kahun Main Kya Tumko
Do I need to tell you

Main Hoon Tum Ho
We are here

Bas Itna Sunn Lo
Just listen this

Tum The Koi Deewana Hai
You are my madness

Hona Hai Aur Kya
What would I need more

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  1. I am glad u took the time out for translating the song I requested..Thank u!!!

  2. As u mentioned, first time I was not too impressed with the song..but after listening to it several times....I got addicted to it...Thanks again!

  3. Thank You for the encouragement. If you left your names, I could have addressed by name !!!

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  5. Hi bijith, Great analysis... I too heard the video of this song a hundred times last nite (not exaggerating). It's a lovely song... BTW, me too from Irinjalakuda... - Tom

  6. I love this song :) Its soooo unique and meaningful...Hats off to javed ji,S-E-L and KK...

  7. Can you do a post on Kyun phoolon ke from Kambaqth Ishq..its my fav...and another dreamy song..

  8. Thanks Bro..Thankx a lot..

  9. LOviN' this song coZ this give me hOpe for every failure i take and this makes me that just a kiss for a broken heart... emmyrraijin

  10. wow nice song and i love it. thanks my dr.... u ar doing great job. thank u so much...


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