Rehna Tu - Dilli 6 ::: Lyrics and English Translation

Movie : Dilli 6
Music : A R Rahman
Lyics : Prasoon Joshi
Singer : A R Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi

This song is one of my recent favorite. Not sure what made the magic - Rahman's composition, Prasoon Joshi's lyrics or Benny Dayal's rendition... everything was in place to make the song a classic.

It is a perfect one to woo your love. 'I love the way you are..' Is there a better way to make her special and adored... Have a beer, keep the lights dim and sing this song to her... She will love it...

Here is the lyrics and my translation. The translation may not be verbatim or the lyricist may never thought so !!! But that is the way I love it, hope you will also like to take the dream ride with me....

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu, Thoda Sa Dard Tu Thoda Sukun
You may remain the way you are... Little bit of pain, little comfort...

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu, Dheema Dheema Jhonka Ya Phir Junoon
You may remain the way you are... A slow breeze or passion...

Thoda Sa Resham, Tu Humdum, Thoda Sa Khurdura
Oh soulmate, you are like silk and sometimes bit coarse

Kabhi Tu Adh Jaa, Ya Lad Jaa, Ya Khushboo Se Bhara
At times you are stubborn, at times you fight or sometimes you are full of fragrance..

Tujhe Badalna Na Chahoon Rati Bhar Bhi Sanam
Don't want to change you, even a bit...

Bina Sajawat, Milawat Na Zyaada Na Hi Kam
No make up, no mix up, nothing more nothing less

Tuhje Chaahoon Jaisa Hai Tu
I love you the way you are...

Mujhe Tere Barish Mein Bheegna Hai Khul Jaana Hai
I want to soak in your love-rain, I want to open up

Tujhe Chaahoon Jaisa Hai Tu
I love you the way you are...

Mujhe Tere Lapat Mein Jalna Rakh Ho Jaana Hai
Want to burn to ash in your embrace

Tu Zakham De Agar, Marham Bhi Aakar Tu Lagaaye, Zakham Mein Bhi Mujhko Pyaar Aaye
If you dress the wound, hurt me and I will even love the pain..

Dariya O Dariya, Doobne De Mujhe Dariya
Let me drown in the stream of your love...

Haath Tham Chalna Hai To Dono Ke Daye Haath Sang Kaise
To walk hand-in-hand, how can we hold our right hands together

Ek Daaya Hoga Ek Baaya Hoga
One to be right and other left

Tham Le, Haath Yeh Thaam Le Chalna Hai Sang Tham Le
Hold my hand, we got to walk together...

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  1. ARR proves that he is unbeatable! The first time when I listened to this song, I felt very buoyant. It is one of those songs which you want to listen closing your eyes and want to forget everything. Trust me, the music has a very soothing feel!! Everything about Rehna Tu is perfect. And I'll always dedicate this song to that Mr.Perfect of mine.

  2. this is great...... Good Luck!

  3. Wow, this is a great translation. I always have the hardest time translation Hindi songs for my friends that don't sound silly. Great job!


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