New York Nagaram - Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal ::: Lyrics And English Transaltion

Movie : Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Valli
Singer : A R Rahman

I have heard that only when one miss and think about his love, he will realise what she mean to him. At times that is true, though it should not be the way it be. But when you are away from your loved one, when you miss her, you will realise how important she is for you... The warmth of her smile, her presence which assure you you been cared, her voice such a magical support... everything about her will be so soothing and beautiful then... But don't wait for that, just close your eyes and think about her, you might get the same feeling...

This song I happened to hear when I was in the US. My friend kept repeating this in his car and I fell in love with song more with each time... The maestro has sung it himself and assured that no one can make it better. Here it is for you, and as usual my way, the way it touched me...

New York Nagaram Urangum Neram Thanimai Adarnthathu
Loneliness grows around me when New York city sleeps

Paniyum Padarthathu
So does snow

Kappal Irangiye Kaatrum Karayil Nadanthathu
Even the wind gets off from ship and started walking on the shore

Naangu Kannadi Suvarkalukkule Naanum Meluguvarthiyum
Me and a candle, stuck inside four walls

Thanimai Thanimayo
So lone

Kodumai Kodumaiyo
Such a torture

Pechellam Thaalatu Pola Ennai Uranga Vaika Nee Illai
You are not here to sleep me with those lullaby voice

Dinamum Oru Muttham Thanthu Kaalai Coffee Kodukka Nee Illai
You are not here to serve coffee with a kiss every morning

Vizhyil Vizhum Thoosi Thannai Naavaal Eduka Nee Ingu Illai
When dust fell in my eyes, you are not here to lick it away

Manathil Ezhum Kuzhappam Thannai Theerka Nee Inge Illai
You are not here to sooth the clouds in my mind

Naan Inge Neeyum Ange
I am here and you are away

Intha Thanimayil Nimishangal Varishamanatheno
In this loneliness , moments feel like years

Vaan Inge Neelam Ange
The sky is here, blue is away

Intha Uvamaikku Iruvarum Vilakkamanatheno
How we became so

Naatkurippil Nooru Thadavai Unthan Peyarai Ezhthum En Pena
I write your name 100 times in my diary

Ezhuthiyathum Erumbu Moika Peyarum Aanathenna Thena
Ants came at once, is your name so sweet like honey

Jillendru Bhoomi Irunthum
The air is so chill

Intha Tharunathil Kulirkaalam Kodaiyanatheno
Still I feel so hot because I am alone

Vaa Anbe Neeyum Vanthal Senkanal Koode Panikatti Pole Marume
Come darling, once you are with me even fireballs become snow

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  1. Ah! This is an agreeable melody with a Rahmanesque western touch. By the way, did you forget 'Munbe vaa' by any chance???? Was wondering..... :D

    1. I think this song is based on a English rock song but I forgot the song !!

  2. Good work dude.....

  3. m in love wid dis song

  4. I just love this song.. I actually sang it looking at the lyrics... It was great! Thanks. :)


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