Ava Enna Thedi Vanna Anjala - Vaaranam Aayiram ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jayraj
Lyrics : Thamarai
Singer : Karthik, V Prasanna

In 'New York Nagaram' we can feel the guy misses his love. But in this one the emotion is more strong. He misses the love, but here he has no hope of getting her back, she can never come back. He sings it as a tribute to her. Karthik has handled it well, the way he started and ends, listen closely you will feel the difference. Before watching the movie, I didn't like this song much. But once I saw the movie, not withstanding 'Nenjukkul' or 'Mundinam', this became my favorite.

Missing our loved one is the most terrible thing. But how will you feel when you know that she / he can not come back... You may close your eyes, think about the one who matter the most to you.. And imagine if she is not with you... Don't ever let it happen to you. Do not wait for the right moment to tell, do the things you want.. or you may be just too late...

Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala
She is Anjala, who came to me

Ava Neratha Paathu Sevakum Sevakum Vethala
Even beetle leaf will go red seeing her complexion

Ava Azhaga Solla Vartha Kooda Pathala
No word can describe her beauty

Ada Ippo Ippo Enakkau Vendum Anjala
I need my Anjala right now...

Ava Illa Illa Neruppu Thane Nenjila
My heart's on fire without her

Oh Onnu Kulla Onna, En Nenjikulla Ninna
She was in heart united with me

O Konjam Konjam Aaga, Uyir Pichi Pichi Thinna
She had my life bit by bit

Ava Otha Vaartha Sonna, Athu Minnum Minnum Ponna
Her every word glittered like gold

O Enna Solli Enna, Ava Makki Pona Manna
What to say, she disappeared into earth

Adanga Kuthiriya Poley, Ada Alanjavan Naane
I was roaming like a crazy horse

Oru Poova Pola Poova Pola Marthivitaley
She changed me to a flower

Padutha Thookamum Illa
I can't sleep

En Kanavula Tholla Antha Sozhi Pola Sozhi Pola Punnagayale
Even my dreams are restless thinking about her flash like smile

Ethuvo Engala Sertha Irukku Kayuthula Koarka
Something united us, held our hands

Oh Kannamuchi Aatam Ondru Aadi parthome
Playing hide and seek

Thuniyal Kannayum Katti
Covering my eyes with a ribbon

Kaiya Katthila Neeti
Spreading my hands

Innum Thedura Avala
I am searching for her

Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Where did she go alone...

Vazhka Raatinam Thaanda
Life is a giant-wheel

Thinam Suthudhu Jora
Rotating everyday

Athu Mela Keezha Mela Keezha Kathuthu Thoda
Taking up and down

Mudhal Nal Uchathil Irunthaen
Yesterday I was on top

Naan Pothunu Vizhundaen
I fell at once

Oru Meena Pola Meena Pola, Tharayila Nelinjen
Like a fish out of water, I was on floor

Yaaro Koodave Varuva
Who will join us

Yaaro Paathiyil Povaar
Who will leave in between

Athu Yaaru Enna Onnum Namma Kayyil Illaye
Who will, is not in our hands

Velicham Thanthathu Oruthi
She brought light into my life

Avala Irutula Niruthi
And she is in dark now

Joora Payanatha Kelappi
Move on with the journey

Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Where did she go alone

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