Anbil Avan - Vinnai Thandi Varuvayaa::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa
Music : A R Rahman
Singer: Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayee
Lyrics: Thamarai

Love - it changes everything around you. You will see a new found freshness and happiness in everything. Heart will be singing in joy and the soul dances with it... And the whole world dance with you...

Listen to this song and take the dream ride... Isn't this is way you felt Love...

Anbil Avan Sertha Idhai Manidharey Verukkatheergal
Hey all, please do not hate the hearts God has brought together in Love

Vendum Yena Inaitha Idhai Veenagha Midhikkatheergal
Don't crush the hearts God brought together

Uyire Unnai Unnai Yendhan Vaazhkai Thunaiyaaga Yerkindren Yerkindren
Oh my dear, I accept you as my life mate

Ini Mel Puyal, Veyil, Mazhai, Paalai, Solai Ivai Ondraaga Kadappomey
From now on, lets together get along strom,summer, rain, desert or forest

Unnai Thaandi Edhayum Ennaal Yosanai Seyya Mudiyaathey Mudiyaathey
I can not think without you

Nee Vanavillaagha
You be the rainbow

Aval Vannam Ezhaaga
Her be the seven colours of it

Andha Vaanam Veedagha Maaradho Maaradho
Won't that sky become your home

( Hey ) Jodi Potti Thaan ( Hey ) Neengal Ponaaley
Hey guys, seeing you go together

Kan Pattu Kaaichal Thaan Vaaradho Vaaradho
People will be so jealous that their evil eye will make you fall ill

Neelum Iravil Oru Pagalum
The day in a long night

Neenda Pagalil Siru Iravum
And a short night in a long day

Kandu Kollum Kalai Arindhom
We discovered that art of it

Yengu Yendru Adhai Payindrom
But, when and where did we learnt that

Bhoomi, Vaanam, Kaatru, Theeyai, Neerai Maatru
Change the earth, sky, wind, fire, water

Pudhithaai Kondu Vandhu Neettu
And get me everything new

Kaadhal Yellam Tholaiyum Idam Kalyaanam Thaaney
Marriage is where Love is lost

Indru Thodangum Indha Kaadhal Muduvilla Vaaney
For this Love started today, limit is the endless sky

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  1. Thanks a lot..its my favourite song n i wanted to know the full meaning of it..thanku u chooooo much!!! :-)

  2. good lyrics, i lioke!! =) i love this song too after seen the movie..


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