Omana Penne - Vinnai Thandi Varuvayaa::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa
Music : A R Rahman
Singer: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Thamarai

Malayalam Lyrics and sung by : Kalyani Menon

How much first look can move one... Stuck by Love, this much :) This song celebrates the effect of stuck by Love at first sight. How the girl touched his heart.. He wants her always in front of him... Every moment he spends weaving her dreams... Beautiful, isn't it... Take the dream ride. I am sure everyone will have a story to tell, story of Love at first sight... ;)

Penne, Unn Azhagil Naan Kannai Simatavum Maranthen
Girl, stuck by your beauty I stared without blinking my eyes

Aanaal Kandaen Orr Aayiram Kanavu
But, I saw a thousand dreams

Hey Karaiyum En Aayiram Iravu
And my thousand nights were melt by them

Nee Than Vanthai Sendrai
You came and left

Yen Vizhigal Irandai Thirudi Kondai
And my eyes see only you from then

Omana Penne Unnai Marandhida Mudiyathey
Oh sweetie, I can not forget you

Uyir Tharuvadhu Sari Thaaney
It is right to give my life to you

Nee Poghum Vazhiyil Nizhal Aavaen
I will be the shadow of your path

Kaatril Asaigirathu Un Seylai
Your saree waving in the breeze

Vidigirathu En Kaalai
With it comes my dawn

Un Pechu Un Paarvai Nagarnthidum Pagalai Iraivai
Your talk and your sight make my day and night

Pirinthalum Inainthaalum
Whether you part or be with me

Uyir Kootil Sari Paathi Unathey
Half of my heart belongs to you

Unn Inbam Unn Thunbam Enathu
Your joy or sorrow is mine

Yen Muthalodu Mudivaanai
My first choice is you

Marakatha Thottilil Malayalikal Thaaraatum Pennazhagae
You are the beauty rocked by Malayalees in the ruby cradle

Maathanga Thoppukalil Poonkuyilukal Ina Chernnu Pullankuzhal Oothukayaanu Vinnazhagae
On the mango tree, the cuckoo pair is singing for you

Thalli Ponaal Thei Pirai
When go away, you fade like crescent moon

Aagaya Vennilave Angeyeh Nindridhaathey
Oh moon, please don't stay at the sky

Nee Vendum Arughae
I need you beside me

Oru Paarvai Siru Paarvai Udhirthaal Pizhaipeyn Puzhiyen
One look, just a glance, I will survive and will start breath again

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  1. ur lines for these songs r really awesome! even though i know tamil, ur tlines make my love for these songs even more! good job!


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