Mumkin Nahin - Rush ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Rush
Music: Pritam
Singer: Anupam Amod, Tulsi Kumar
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

Jaanun Main Na Jaane Dil Kya Khwahish Jagi Hai
Neither me nor my heart knows what desire has arise

Kyun Aankhon Ko Bhi Kuch Hua
Don’t know why something has happened to my eyes

Jaagi Jaagi Rehti Hai Kahan Neenden Gayi Hai
They keep awake don’t know where I lost my sleep

Kya Hone Laga Hai Tu Batha
Please tell me what is happening

Tere Labon Pe Hai Mili Mere Labon Ko Zindagi
My lips have found life in yours

Tere Bina Ab Saans Loon Mereliye Mumkin Nahi
Now it is impossible for me to breathe without you

Mehsooz Yeh Hota Hai Tu Mere Liye Hai Lazmi
I feel you are necessary for me to live

Saaya Tera Ab Chodkar Lamhe Chalen Mumkin Nahi
I cannot spend a moment without your presence

Mumkin Nahin
It is not possible

Mujhko Chupa Le Tu Khud Mein Hi Kahin Pe
Please hide me somewhere within you

Main Bhool Jaun Yeh Jahaan
Let me forget this world

Faasla Kabhi Na Ho Dil Chaahe Yeh Hi Tho
My heart wishes there be no space ever between us

Dhadkan Tere Bin Hai Kahan
Without you, my heart won’t beat

Meri Nazar Kehne Lagi Tu Saamne Ho Har Ghadi
My eyes long for you to be always in front of them

Bas Ikk Tere Chehre Bina Duniya Meri Mumkin Nahi
Without your face, my world is not possible

Paaya Tujhe Tho Hai Laga Poori Hui Koi Kami
When I got you everything felt complete

Tujhse Juda Main Ab Rahoon Khwabon Mein Bhi Mumkin Nahi
Even in dreams, it is difficult for me to be apart from you

Mumkin Nahin
It is not possible

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