Jiya Re - Jab Tak Hai Jaan ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Music: A R Rahman
Singer: Neeti Mohan
Lyrics: Gulzar

This is not a romantic song, the ones usually features here. This is a celebration song... Celebration of freedom, life, dream... Well, that is Dreamy Songs all about :) This I guess is the most Rahmanish song of the movie. He was left with himself and Gulzar penned it to perfection... This is for all those who live their hearts' wish....

Chali Re Chali Re Junoon Ko Liye
I started the journey with passion

Qatra Qatra Lamhon Ko Piye
Enjoying life moment by moment

Pinjre Se Udda  Dil Ka Shikra
Like an eagle, the heart flew from its cage

Khud Hi Se Maine Ishq Kiya Re
I fell in Love with myself

Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re, Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re,
Jiya Jiya Re Jiya Re Jiya Oh Ho
Oh heart, live to your wish

Make The Way For Akira
Pop It Up Move Aside She Is Here
Hey Get Up Everybody Wanna Be Her
Wanna See Her She Is Akira

Chotte Chotte Lamhon Ko Titli Jaise Pakdo Tho
If we catch little moments like it’s a butterfly

Haathon Mein Rang Reh Jaata Hai Pankhon Se Jab Chodo Tho
Its colour stays even after leaving the wings

Waqt Chalta Hai
Time goes on

Waqt Ka Magar Rang Utarta Hai, Akira
Akira listen, the colour of time fades away

Udte Udte Phir Ek Lamha Maine Pakad Liya Re
I got hold of a flying moment

Halke Halke Dardon Mein Muskurana Acha Lagta Hai
I like to smile on little pains

Roshni  Jo Deta  Ho Tho Dil Jalaana Acha Lagta Hai
If it makes someone happy, getting my heart hurt feels good

Ek Pal Sahi, Umar Bhar Isse Saath Rakhna, Akira
Akira, even if it is a moment, keep it for life

Zindagi Se Phir Ek Vaada Maine Kar Liya Re
And I made one more promise to life

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  1. I like this song very much especially the chorus 'jiya re' :D


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