Tum Ho - Rockstar ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Rockstar
Music: A R Rahman
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Suzanne D'Mello ( Humming )
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Tum Ho Paas Mere
You are close to me

Saath Mere Ho Tum Yoon
You are with me like

Jitna Mehsoos Karoon Tumko
How much ever I feel you

Utna Hi Paa Bhi Loon
That much I get you

Tum Ho Mere Liye
You are for me

Mere Liye Ho Tum Yoon
You are for me like

Khud Ko Mein Haar Gaya Tumko
That I lost myself to you

Tumko Mein Jeeta Hoon
And I won you

Kahin Se Kahin Ko Bhi, Aao Bewajah Chalen
Come, let's go from here to there for no reason

Pooche Bina Kisise Hum Milen
Let's meet without asking anybody

Bandishen Na Rahi Koi Baaki
There are no boundaries anymore

Tum Ho
Only you are there

Kis Tarah Cheenega Mujhse Yeh Jahaan Tumhe
How will this world seperate you from me

Tum Bhi Ho Mein Kya Fikar Ab Humein
When you are here, what will worry us


  1. very nice thanks for translating it =D
    can you please translate Hawa Hawa from rockstar ? I don't speak this language but I love all Rockstar songs .. I have been looking for this translation but couldn't find it. Tum ho translation was very sweet & beautiful.

  2. hey any know the meaning of kun faya kun ...
    plz ansr me @ narinder1407@gmail.com

  3. Kun faya kun means, 'Be! And it is, its about allah..

  4. does anyone have Hawa Hawa Lirics translation

  5. Love this song.....very much

  6. hey i wan naadaan parinday translated & y dont u transl8 any of srk's movie song
    they all r hit kkhh ddlj kal ho na ho
    kbi khushi kabi gham
    dil to pagal hy etc

  7. naadan parinday 4m rockstar
    hey i wan naadaan parinday translated
    & y dont u transl8 any of srk's movie song
    they all r hit kkhh ddlj kal ho na ho
    kbi khushi kabi gham
    dil to pagal hy etc
    hope 2 visit u dreamy songs soon again

    1. Hi San, Kal Ho Na Ho is here http://dreamy-songs.blogspot.in/2010/12/kal-ho-naa-ho-kal-ho-naa-ho-lyrics-and.html please use the search box on top. Naadaan Parindey is intense, we are not sure we can do justice ;) But do come again. Your encouragement inspires us...

    2. San,
      You can like the Facebook page link given on left and can stay in touch with the blog updates

  8. I wanna say thanxx..for translation from Hindi to English. I could understand this song easily while i didn't know hindi at all. I do love this song. Tum Ho is a very sweet and beautiful song. Love it...n thank for translation.

  9. Can you hear what the accordion player at the beginning of this song is singing? In which language are these two lines? What is there meanings?

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