Pondatti - Osthe ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Osthe
Music: Thaman S
Singers: Silambarasan
Lyrics: Silambarasan

Call it a sweet / cute / funny song, this will win your heart. Nice song to propose, and any girl with a little sense of humour is going to like it :)

Aye Vaadee Vaadee Vaadee Vaadee Cute Pondaatti
Come on my dear cute wife

Naan Thaanga Maatein Thoonga Maattein Nee Illaati
I can not bear or sleep without you

Adi Vaadee Vaadee Vaadee Vaadee Hot Pondaatti                              
Come on my dear hot wife

Naan Thaanga Maatein Thoonga Maattein Nee Illaati
I can not bear or sleep without you

Pondaatee, Adi Nee Thaney Enn Sweety
Wife, only you are my sweety

I Love You Till You Are A Paatti
I will Love you till you become a nanny

Thevayilla Vappaati
I don't want a keep

Nalla Kanavana Iruppen
I will be a good husband

Oru Uthamanaa Nadappen
I will be a good man

Unn Thollai Ellaam Poruppen
I will bear all your nonsense

Unn Kashtathai Naan Koraippen
I will ease your pain

Unn Kann Kalanga Vidamaatein
I will not let your eyes damp

Coffee Koduthu Kalaiyila Naane Unnai Ezhuppi Viduven
I will wake you up with hot coffee

Samaikka Theriyalaina Naane Samayal Senji Unnakku Ooti Viduven
Won't mind if you can't cook, I will cook and feed you

Unnai Naan Ennaikume Sandhega Pada Maatein
I will never doubt you

Enna Neeyum Sandhega Padum Maadhiri Nadakka Maattein
Will behave myself so that you will never have to doubt me

Unn Uyiraa Naan Iruppein
I will be your life

Enn Uyiraa Unnai Ninappein
I will always take you as my life

Enn Nenjula Unnai Somappein
I will keep you in my heart

Unnai Daily Naanum Rasippen
Will enjoy every day

Unn Nizhala Pola Naan Iruppen
I will be with you like your shadow

Unnakku Munnaadi Sathyama Enn Usuru Ennai Vidaadhu
I swear, my breath will not leave before yours

Yenna, Naan Poitta Unnai Yaarum Vidhavayaa Paakka Koodadhu
Because, nobody should look at you as a widow after I am gone

Ennai Vitta Unnai Evandi Paathupaan
Other than me who will take care of you

Nalla Paathupennu Solli Poiya Nadippaan
Will cheat you saying he will take care of you

Oru Thagapan Pola Iruppen
I will care you like a father

Oru Thaaya Polavum Iruppen
Also like a mother

Unn Nanban Pola Nadappen
I will be your friend

Andha Kadavul Pola Kaappen
Will protect you like God

Unn Kozhandhayaavum Naan Porappen
I will born as your baby too


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  2. Thanks a lot Dude....
    Could you please translate Neduvaali song as well from this movie?


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