Aas Paas Khuda - Anjaana Anjaani ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Anjaana Anjaani
Music : Vishal - Shekhar
Singer : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani

Dhundhla Jaayein Jo Manzilen, Ek Pal Ko Tu Nazar Jhuka
When the destination looks blurred, for a moment look down

Jhuk Jaye Sar Jahan Wahi Milta Hain Rab Ka Rasta
Wherever the head is bowed, there finds the path of God

Teri Kismat Tu Badal De
You can change your fortune

Rakh Himmat Bas Chal De
Move ahead confidently

Tera Saath Hi Mere Kadmon Ke Hain Nishan
My footsteps are there with you

Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hain Khuda
You don't know, but God is near you

Khudpe Daal Tu Nazar
Have a look at yourself

Halaton Se Haarkar Kahan Chala Re
Lost to circumstances, where are you going

Haath Ki Lakeer Ko Modta Marodta Hai Hosla Re
Perseverance can change the lines of destiny

Tho Khud Tere Khawabon Ke Rang Mein Tu Apne Jahan Ko Bhi Rang De
So, by the colour of your dreams you may colour your world yourself

Ke Chalta Hoon Main Tere Sang Mein
I am walking with beside you

Ho Shaam Bhi Toh Kya
What if it is evening

Jab Hoga Andhera Tab Payega Dar Mera
When in difficulty you'll find my door

Uss Dar Pe Phir Hogi Teri Subah
At that door, you will find your dawn

Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hain Khuda
You don't know, but God is near you

Mit Jaate Hain Sabke Nishaan Bas Ek Woh Mit-ta Nahi Hain
Every signs will be destroyed except one

Maan Le Jo Har Mushkil Ko Marzi Meri
Whoever considers every difficulty as my (God's) will

Ho Humsafar Na Tera Jab Koi
When there is no companion with you

Tu Ho Jahan, Rahunga Main Wahi
I will be with you wherever you are

Tujhse Kabhi Na Ek Pal Bhi Main Juda
Not even for a moment I will be away from you

Tu Na Jaane Aas Pass Hain Khuda
You don't know, but God is near you

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Tere Mast Mast Do Nain - Dabangg ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Dabangg
Music : Sajid - Wajid
Singer : Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics: Faiz Anwar

Ever wonder there are so many songs written about the eye of the Loved one... May be because eyes are the best in conveying Love. Without speaking a word, eyes can say a lot. This soft melody will make you drown in the eyes of your beloved... Enjoy the soothing voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and take the dream ride...

Takte Rehte Tujhko Sanjh Savere
I was looking at you from dawn to dusk

Nainon Mein Basya Jaise Nain Yeh Tere
Your eyes have been united with mine

Tere Mast Mast Do Nain Mere Dil Ka Le Gaye Chain
Your pretty eyes have stole the serenity of my heart

Mere Dil Ka Le Gaye Chain Tere Mast Mast Do Nain
My heart's serenity has been stolen by your pretty eyes

Pehle Pehal Tujhe Dekha Tho Dil Mera
Earlier seeing you, my heart

Dhadka Haye Dhadka, Dhadka Haaye
Tends to beat faster

Jal Jal Uda Hoon Main, Shola Jo Pyar Ka
I am burning in the fire of love

Bhadka Haaye Bhadka, Bhadka Haaye
And it's burst

Neendon Mein Gul Gaye Hai Sapne Jo Tere
Your dreams have become so much part of my sleep that

Badle Se Lag Rahe Hain Andaaz Mere
My attitude has changed

Mahi Beaab Sa, Dil Yeh Betab Sa
Dear my heart is restless

Tadpa Jaye Tadpa, Tadpa Jaye
And keep on torturing me

Nainon Ki Jheel Mein Utra Tha Yun Hi Dil
Falling to the stream of your eyes

Dooba Jayee Dooaa Jayee, Dooba Jayee
My hearts is drowning in it

Hosho Hawas Ab Tho Khone Lage Hai
I am loosing my consciousness now

Hum Bhi Deewane Tere Hone Lage Hai
And became crazy for you

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Usure Poguthey - Raavanan ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Raavanan
Music : A R Rahman
Singer : Karthik, Mohamed Irfan
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Have you ever tormented in Love... Though you are in Love, not able to express it, live in it because of reasons and circumstances you have no control on... If yes, this song is for you. Though his Love is pure and sincere, he can not live it. Because the world will not agree to it. Now he is in deep pain, but he finds no way to save himself. All he can sing is not even death can not change his Love....

Penned by Vairamuthu, this soulful song will haunt you. Rahman has given full attention to the details of sounds and made sure the listener will feel the pain. The soft start, deep bass, the chorus - he didn't leave any chance to give life to the lines. Karthik is at his best rendering this one. Here the lyrics for you...

Intha Bhoomiyila Eppa Vanthu Nee Porantha
When did you born on this earth

En Buthikkulla Theeporiya Nee Vethacha
You set a fire in my mind

Adi Thekku Mara Kaadu Perusu Thaan
The teak forest is huge

Chinna Theekuchi Osaram Sirusu Thaan
A match-stick is small

Oru Theekuchi Vizhuntha Pudikuthadi
One match-stick sets the fire

Karum Thekkumara Kaadu Vedikuthadi
And the dense teak woods, burned to ashes

Usure Poguthey Usure Poguthey
My life leaves me

Uthattai Nee Kondam Suzhikayila
When you twist your lips

Oooh Maaman Thavikiren Madipicha Kekkaraen
I am longing and begging you

Manasa Thaadi En Manikuyile
Give me your heart my darling

Akkarai Cheemaiyil Nee Irunthum
Though you are on the other shore

Aiviral Theendida Nenaikuthadi
My fingers crave to feel you

Aggini Pazhamunnu Therinjirunthum
Even after knowing you are a fruit of fire

Adikadi Naaku Thudikuthadi
Often my tongue longs for you

Odambum Manasum Thooram Thooram
My body and heart are apart now

Otta Ninaika Aagala
Will not be able to unite them

Manasu Sollum Nalla Solla Maaya Odambu Kekkala
The right things my heart suggests, body is not obeying

Thaviya Thavichu Usir Thadam Kettu Thiriyuthadi
My heart is desperately looking for the shore

Thayilan Kuruvi Enna Thalli Ninnu Sirukudadi
The bird mocks me from a distance

Intha Manmutha Kiruku Theeruma
Will this crazy Love ever end

Adi Manthirichu Vitta Kozhi Maaruma
Will that spell ever leave me

En Mayakatha Theethuvechu Manichudumaa
Will you cure this intoxication and forgive me

Chandiranum Sooriyanum Suthi Ore Koottil Varuguthey
Moon and Sun has came to a single line

Sathiyamum Pathiyamum Ippa Thalai Suthi Kedakkuthey
Truth and deceit been tormented now

Intha Olagathil Ithu Onnum Puthusillai
This is not new in this world

Onnu Rendu Thappi Pogum Ozhukathulai
A few violate morality

Vithi Solli Vazhi Potta Manasukula
The path defined by the the heart is based on fate

Vithi Vilaku Illatha Vithium Illa
But there are no rule without exceptions

Yetta Irukum Suriyan Parthu Mottu Virikkidhu Thamarai
For the sun at a distance the lotus blooms

Thottu Vidatha Dhooram Irunthum Sontham Banthamo Pogala
Distance will not fade the bonding

Pamba Vizhudha
Is it a snake or log

Oru Pagu Padu Theriyalaye
I am not able to differentiate

Pamba Irunthum Nenju Bayapada Ninaikalayae
Even if it is a snake, my heart is not afraid

En Kattayum Oru Naal Saayalam
I would die one day

En Kannula Un Mugam Pogumaa
But your face will not fade from my eyes

Naan Mannukulla Un Ninapu Manasukulla
Even after I am buried, your thoughts will be in my heart

Chandiranum Sooriyanum Suthi Ore Koottil Varuguthey
Moon and Sun has came to a single line

Sathiyamum Pathiyamum Ippa Thalai Suthi Kedakkuthey
Truth and deceit been tormented now

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Pee Loon - Once Upon Time In Mumbaai ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Once Upon Time In Mumbaai
Music : Pritam
Singers : Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

You just can't stop singing about Love... And taking the drift in dream world... Is there any limit to it...

This song captures the spirit of dream. The Lover is not getting enough.. He has a thousand plans for his Love. How to live the Love... The way he worship it. He Loves and enjoys everything about her... The music goes well with the mood of the lyrics and Mohit Chauhan has sang it to perfection. Take the dream ride...

Pee Loon, Tere Neele Neele Nainon Se Shabnam
I shall feel the dew from your deep blue eyes

Pee Loon, Tere Geele Geele Hoton Ki Sargam
I shall enjoy the melody of your wet lips

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
With you I found Love

Tere Sang Ek Khumari Hai
When with you I feel elated

Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
I find peace with you

Tere Sang Bekaraari Hai
So do restless

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Lagta
Without you, I don't see life

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Sakta
Without you, I can not live

Tujhpe Hain Haare, Maine Vaare Do Jahan
I have lost and gave away my world for you

Kurbaan Meharbaan
I surrender, your kindness

Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
I surrender myself

Sun Le Sada, Tera Kurbaan
Please listen, surrendered to you

Hosh Mein Rahun Kyun Aaj Main
Why should I remain in conscious today

Tu Meri Baahon Mein Simti Hai, Mujhmein Samayi Hai Yun
You are here in my arms, united within me

Jis Tarah Tu Koi Ho Nadi, Tu Mere Seene Mein Chhupti Hai
Like a river, you are hiding in my heart as if

Saagar Tumhara Main Hoon
I am the ocean for you

Pee Loon, Teri Dheemi Dheemi Lehron Ki Chham Chham
I shall feel the rhythm of your soft waves

Pee Loon, Teri Saundhi Saundhi Saanson Ko Har Dum
I shall feel your soft breath for ever

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

Shaamko Milun Jo Main Tujhe
When I meet you in the evening

Toh Bura Subah Na Jaane Kyun Kuchh Maan Jaati Hai Yeh
I feel morning may feel bad for

Har Lamha, Har Ghadi, Har Pehar Hi Teri Yaadon Se Tadpake Mujhko Jalati Hai Yeh
Eevery hour, every moment burns me with your memories

Pee Loon, Main Dheere Dheere Jalne Ka Yeh Gham
I shall slowly drink the grief of burning

Pee Loon, Inn Gore Gore Haathon Se Hum Dum
Oh my love, I shall drink from your fair hands

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

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Kannolam - Plus Two ::: Lyrics

Movie: Plus Two
Music : Manu Rameshan
Singers : Karthik, Swetha
Lyrics: S Rameshan Nair

This is the first Malayalam song to be featured here. At the first time itself this slow soothing melody touched me. When give an ear to the lines, I was hooked. Rameshan Nair has came with another beautiful poem. No gimmick with words. Simple, yet touching. The poem is about how much the Lovers need each other. The way they complement each other. Though it may remind about the song Ennum Ninne from Aniyathipravu, the song is different ;) Give it a try and I am sure you will like it.
I am giving the lyrics in Malayalam, the language I am most comfortable with, especially written. Sorry, no translation this time.

കണ്ണോളം കാണാനും, വിണ്ണോളം പോകാനും നിന്നോളം നീയല്ലാതാരോ 
കുന്നോളം മിണ്ടാനും നെഞ്ചോളം കൊഞ്ചാനും ഇന്നോളം നീയല്ലാതാരോ 
ഒന്നുമേ മിണ്ടാതെ, ഓര്‍മ്മകള്‍ മായാതെ വന്നു നീ ഓമലേ
വാനതിരിന്‍ അരികെ, പൂവിതളിന്‍ അഴകേ...

ആരോടും മിണ്ടാതെ പൂവിടും മോഹങ്ങള്‍ ആരെയോ തേടുന്നില്ലേ
നേരിനും നേരായി, പാതിരാ കാറ്റായി പോരുമെന്‍ സംഗീതമേ 
അനുരാഗം താനം മൂളുന്നില്ലേ
അത് നീയും ഞാനും കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലേ 
വിരിഞ്ഞ പൂനിലാമുല്ലേ, നിറഞ്ഞ പൊന്‍കിനാവല്ലേ 
ഇന്നാരാരും കാണാതെ കാണുന്നില്ലേ...

കൂട്ടിനും നീയല്ലേ, പാട്ടിലെ തേനല്ലേ, നീയെനിക്കെന്റെതല്ലേ 

കുഞ്ഞിളം കാറ്റിന്റെ കൈവിരല്‍ തുമ്പല്ലേ, ഇന്ന് നീ എന്റേതല്ലേ 
എന്‍ മിഴിയില്‍ നീയും നിറയുന്നില്ലേ
എന്‍ ഉയിരിന്‍ ഉയിരായ്‌ തീരുന്നില്ലേ
വിരിഞ്ഞ പൂനിലാമുല്ലേ, നിറഞ്ഞ പൊന്‍കിനാവല്ലേ 
എന്നായാലും ഒന്നായ് തീരാനല്ലേ

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