Pee Loon - Once Upon Time In Mumbaai ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Once Upon Time In Mumbaai
Music : Pritam
Singers : Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

You just can't stop singing about Love... And taking the drift in dream world... Is there any limit to it...

This song captures the spirit of dream. The Lover is not getting enough.. He has a thousand plans for his Love. How to live the Love... The way he worship it. He Loves and enjoys everything about her... The music goes well with the mood of the lyrics and Mohit Chauhan has sang it to perfection. Take the dream ride...

Pee Loon, Tere Neele Neele Nainon Se Shabnam
I shall feel the dew from your deep blue eyes

Pee Loon, Tere Geele Geele Hoton Ki Sargam
I shall enjoy the melody of your wet lips

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
With you I found Love

Tere Sang Ek Khumari Hai
When with you I feel elated

Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
I find peace with you

Tere Sang Bekaraari Hai
So do restless

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Lagta
Without you, I don't see life

Tere Bin Jee Nahin Sakta
Without you, I can not live

Tujhpe Hain Haare, Maine Vaare Do Jahan
I have lost and gave away my world for you

Kurbaan Meharbaan
I surrender, your kindness

Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
I surrender myself

Sun Le Sada, Tera Kurbaan
Please listen, surrendered to you

Hosh Mein Rahun Kyun Aaj Main
Why should I remain in conscious today

Tu Meri Baahon Mein Simti Hai, Mujhmein Samayi Hai Yun
You are here in my arms, united within me

Jis Tarah Tu Koi Ho Nadi, Tu Mere Seene Mein Chhupti Hai
Like a river, you are hiding in my heart as if

Saagar Tumhara Main Hoon
I am the ocean for you

Pee Loon, Teri Dheemi Dheemi Lehron Ki Chham Chham
I shall feel the rhythm of your soft waves

Pee Loon, Teri Saundhi Saundhi Saanson Ko Har Dum
I shall feel your soft breath for ever

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

Shaamko Milun Jo Main Tujhe
When I meet you in the evening

Toh Bura Subah Na Jaane Kyun Kuchh Maan Jaati Hai Yeh
I feel morning may feel bad for

Har Lamha, Har Ghadi, Har Pehar Hi Teri Yaadon Se Tadpake Mujhko Jalati Hai Yeh
Eevery hour, every moment burns me with your memories

Pee Loon, Main Dheere Dheere Jalne Ka Yeh Gham
I shall slowly drink the grief of burning

Pee Loon, Inn Gore Gore Haathon Se Hum Dum
Oh my love, I shall drink from your fair hands

Pee Loon, Hai Peene Ka Mausam
Let me feel, this is the time to enjoy

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  1. Thank soo much!! i love you this song soo much!!

    It is soo romantic,

    "with you i feel at ease, yet i feel shy"

    AWW :)) <3

  2. Thank you very very much!!! I really love this song!!!

  3. What a beautiful song and lyrics.. Thank you very much


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