Lehrein - Aisha ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Aisha
Music : Amit Trivedi
Singers : Anusha Mani, Neuman Pinto , Nikhil D'souza
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Melancholy is the mood of the season. We had 'Saajnaa' from Lamhaa and now this one. Songs about lost Love always had deep meaning and soothing music to make a ripple. Nobody wants to be hurt. Nobody wants to cry. Still most of the times these songs struck a chord with our heart.

Javed Akhtar. Always did magic with simple but striking lines. Anusha's voice suits the mood. Her voice at times fades away, but that only add to the soul of the song. Listen to it. It is definitely going to grow within you...

Khoyi Khoyi Si Hoon Main
I am feeling lost

Kyun Yeh Dil Ka Haal Hai
Don't know why my heart feels this way

Dhundli Saari Khwaab Hai
Every dream became dull

Uljha Har Khayaal Hai
Every thought is shattered

Saari Kaliyan Murjha Gayi
Every blossom have withered

Rang Unke, Yaadon Mein Reh Gaye
Now their colour lives only in memory

Saare Gharaande Reth Ke
Every sand castle I built

Lehrein Aaye, Lehron Mein Beh Gaye
The waves came, and my castles washed away with them

Raah Mein, Kal Kitni Chirag The
Last night there were many lamps in the street

Saamne Kal, Phoolon Ki Bhaag Thi
Yesterday there was a garden in front of me

Kisse Kahun ? Kaun Hai Jo Sune ?
To whom should I tell ? Who is there to listen

Kaante Hi Kyun Maine Hai Chune
Why did I choose only the thorns

Sapne Mere Kyun Hai Kho Gaye
Why did I lose my dreams

Jaage Hai Kyun Dil Mein Gumm Naye
Why new pain is awakening in my heart

Kya Kahun Kyun Yeh Dil Udhas Hai
What should I tell, why my heart is sad

Ab Koi Door Hai Na Paas Hai
Now noone is near to me nor far

Choo Le Jo Dil, Woh Baatein Ab Kahan
Where are the words that touched my heart

Woh Din Kahan, Raatein Ab Kahan
Where are those days and nights

Jo Bhi Dhakhal Hai, Ab Khawab Sa
Now everything ducks away like dreams

Ab Dil Mera Hai Betaab Sa
My heart is restless now

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  1. awesum song & thnz alot 4 translation

  2. diz song is really heart touching

  3. wow thanx a lot for the line by line translation..!

  4. really like this song...


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