Jab Saamne Tum - Jagjit Singh and Asha Bhosle ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Album : Audiobiography - Jagjit Singh
Music : Jagjit Singh
Singer: Jagjit Singh and Asha Bhosle
Lyrics: Gulzar
It's been a while I heard this song. But the feeling is still fresh, very new. The tenderness of young Love beautifully penned by Gulzar and sung by Jagjit Singh and Asha Bhosle. The eagerness of expressing the Love, concern about it - everything is captured beautifully in words and the singing. The promise of Love is given aptly. Remember the cute video, if not just YouTube it. Perfect song to listen together or if alone, good company with your beer... Light, happy, tender just the way it should be...

Dekhke Tumko Hosh Mein Aana Bhool Gaye
After meeting you I lost my sense

Yaad Rahe Tum Aur Zamaana Bhool Gaye
Except you I dont remember anything else in this world

Jab Saamne Tum Aa Jaate Ho
When you come in front of me

Kya Jaaniye Kya Ho Jaata Hai
Don't know what happens to me

Kuch Mil Jaata Hai, Kuch Kho Jaata Hai
I get something and lose something else

Kya Jaaniye Kya Ho Jaata Hai
Don't know what happens to me

Chaaha Tha Yeh Kahenge
I wanted to say this

Socha Tha Woh Kahenge
Thought of saying that

Aaye Woh Saamne To, Kuch Bhi Na Keh Sake
When he was in front of me, could not speak a word

Bas Dekha Kiye Unhein Hum
Just stood staring at him

Dekhkar Tujhko Yakeen Hota Hai
Seeing you, I discovered that

Koi Itna Bhi Haseen Hota Hai
One can be this beautiful

Dekh Paate Hain Kahan Hum Tumko
When I meet you

Dil Kahin Hosh Kahin Hota Hai
I lose my heart, my mind

Aakar Chale Na Jaana, Aise Nahin Satana
Don't come and go away, it pains me

Dekar Hansi Labon Ko, Aankhon Ko Math Rulana
Be the smile on my lips, and not tears of my eyes

Dena Na Beqarari Dil Ka Karaar Banke
Don't give restlessness, be the peace of my heart

Yaadon Mein Kho Na Jaana Tum Intezaar Banke, Intezar Banke
Don't fade to memory and make me wait for you

Bhoolkar Tumko Na Jee Payenge
Forgetting you, I cannot live

Saath Tum Hogi, Jahan Jayenge
You will be with me wherever I go

Hum Koi Waqt Nahin Hain Humdam
Dear, I am not season to change

Jab Bulaoge Chale Aayenge
Whenever you will call me, I will be with you

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  1. This song....is really very beautiful..I love it deep from my heart..Whenever I listen...it touches my innate feelings....again to awake...to think of that wonderful person..!!

  2. Lovely and heart touching song.


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