Tu Jaane Na - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani
Music : Pritam
Lyrics : Irshad Kamil
Singers : Atif Aslam

Love speaks the language of silence... It speaks through heart and eyes. But
what happens if your Love gone unnoticed... All your desire and dreams were
woven around someone and though she is with you all the time, not able to read
the language of heart and soul... She didn't try... Listen to this song. May it
reminds you of a special someone who missed to read the language, of Love...

Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe
How should I tell you why I love you

Yaara Bata Na Paaye
I am not able to tell you, dear

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki
What the heart left to say

Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye
My eyes will tell you

Tu Jaane Na
But, you will never know

Milke Bhi Hum Na Mile Tumse Na Jane Kyun
Though you were in front of me, we never met, I don't know why

Milon Ke Hai Fasle Tumse Na Jaane Kyun
A distance of miles is between us, I don't know why

Anjane Hain Silsile Tumse Na Jaane Kyun
There is an unknown bonding with you, I don't know why

Sapne Hai Palkon Tale Tumse Na Jaane Kyun
Your dreams are on my eyes, I don't know why

Nigahon Mein Dekho Meri Jo Hai Bas Gaya
Look into my eyes to see who is there

Woh Hai Milta Tumse Hubahu
She matches with you entirely

Jane Teri Aankhen Thi Ya Baatein Thi Wajah
Don't know whether it was your eyes or what you said

Huye Tum Jo Dil Ki Arzooo
That you became my heart's desire

Tum Paas Hoke Bhi
Though you are near to me

Tum Aas Hoke Bhi
Though you are my desire

Ehsaaas Hoke Bhi
Though I can feel you

Apne Nahi
You are not mine

Aise Hai Humko Gile
And that's my complaint

Tum Se Na Jane Kyun
You will never know

Khayalon Mein Lakhon Batein Yun To Keh Gaya
I said a lot of things to you in my dreams

Bola Kuch Na Tere Samne
But nothing in front of you

Huye Na Begane Bhi Tum Hoke Aurke
Though you bacame somebody else's, you have not been stranger to me

Dekho Tum Na Mere Hi Bane
See, you didn't become mine

Afsoos Hota Hai
I feel regret

Dil Bhi Yeh Rota Hai
My heart cries in pain

Sapne Sanjota Hai
It's weaving your dreams

Pagla Hua Soche Yeh
My heart becomes mad thinking

Hum The Mile Tum Se Na Jane Kyun
Why we met, I don't know

Milon Ki Hai Fasle Tumse Na Jaane Kyun
A distance of miles is between us, I don't know why

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    see you in your next translation....

  5. Thanks a lot for the translation!

  6. Thanks a milion for this english translation for Tu jaane na!

  7. Great transalation!
    Landed on your site through google.
    My compliments, i will try to visit you site more often because of your great taste in music. (well...at least according to my opinion)
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  8. Wow amazing. I just love this song. Thanks so much for putting up the translated lyrics :) God Bless :)

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  14. damn i luv this song... My man cant understand hindi so i jus told him ta visit yer page... Thanx ;)

  15. Great song... i just love it...thx for the translation...it does help for understanding the meaning of the song but the way the hindi words describe the feeling and emotions no other language can do so...

  16. wow! the stor of my life!powerful n moving!

  17. Hi, thanx for the translation... Great work, keep it up !!
    Can you give me the translation of "Tum se hi" in jab we met

  18. Wow really nice song,great meaning...thax for translated it coze i don't know hindi so it's really helps me to learn hindi and understand the song..
    l'm navodani from Srilanka

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  21. hello, i'm from malaysia...i love this song..! now after i visit ur page, i get 2 know whts the lyric about..i can feel the pain..cuz i'm experience the same thing which happen to this male character. really2 love this song! :)
    thanks 4 the translations!

  22. superb translation, very poetic..hats offf

    1. Thank you Sonu. Please check the other sogns here too :)

  23. Yes...........
    What a l0vely s0ng and as well as english translate s0 keep in t0uch guys

  24. Awesome / Beautiful Translation "if one can't explain what it is , one doesn't understand either.."


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