Tu Hi Haqeeqat - Tum Mile ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Tum Mile
Music : Pritam
Lyrics : Sayeed Quadri
Singers : Javed Ali, Irfan Ashraf & Shadab

When you find your soul mate, you can't help but sing about her. All you want to tell her that she is everything you want and all that matters to you... How important she is to you... This song simply translate that feeling into words... Listen, learn and sing it next time you meet her... Misty or teary eyed, she will love to hear it again :)

Tu Hi Haqeeqat, Khwab Tu
You are the truth and the dream

Dariya Tu Hi, Pyaas Tu
You are the river, and thirst

Tu Hi Dil Ki Beqarari, Tu Sukun Tu Sukun
You are the restlessness of my heart, also the comfort

Jaun Mein Ab Jab Jis Jagah, Paun Mein Tujhko Uss Jagah
Wherever I go, I find you there

Saath Hoke Na Hoon Tu Hai Roobaru Roobaru
Whether you are with me or not, you are always in front of me

Tu Humsafar
You're my soulmate

Tu Humkadam
You're my companion

Tu Hamnava Mera
You're my friend

Aa Tujhe In Bahon Mein Bharke, Aur Bhi Karloon Main Kareeb
Come, by taking you in my arms, I will make you more closer to me

Tu Juda Ho To Lage Hai, Aata Jata Har Pal Ajeeb
When you are apart, I feel every moment strange

Is Jahan Mein Hai Aur Na Hoga, Mujhsa Koi Bhi Khushnaseeb
There can be no one in this world luckier than me

Tune Mujhko Dil Diya Hai, Mein Hoon Tere Sabse Kareeb
Because you gave me your heart, I am the closest to you

Mein Hi To Tere Dil Main Hoon
I am in your heart

Mein Hi To Saason Mein Basu
I am in your breath

Tere Dil Ki Dhadkano Mein, Mein Hi Hoon Mein Hi Hoon
Its me and only me in your hearbeats

Kab Bhala Ab Yeh Waqt Guzre, Kuch Pata Chalta Hi Nahi
I don't feel the time pass by

Jab Se Mujhko Tu Mila Hai, Hosh Kuch Bhi Apna Nahi
Since I met you, I am not aware of anything else

Uff Yeh Teri Palkein Ghani Si, Chav Inki Hai Dilnasheen
The shadow of your rich eyelashes is beautiful

Abb Kise Darr Dhoop Ka Hai, Kyunki Hai Yeh Mujhpe Bichi
As that shadow is on me, I'm not afraid of sun

Tere Bina Na Saans Loo
I won't breath without you

Tere Bina Na Main Jiyu
I won't live without you

Tere Bina Na Ek Pal Bhi, Reh Saku Reh Saku
I can't bear even a single moment without you

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  1. I liked this song at the first time itself, but was not sure whether I can translate it well. I believe I got it right ;) Rukia213, hope you will see this...

    1. Thanks ....
      I was a person who hear s song for atleast 1 crore times.. I never ever had a eager to know it's meaning.. now my dearest have went to heaven and I tot today I will know the meaning of this songg which we both hear all d tym..
      Thank u bijith ...

    2. Thanks ....
      I was a person who hear s song for atleast 1 crore times.. I never ever had a eager to know it's meaning.. now my dearest have went to heaven and I tot today I will know the meaning of this songg which we both hear all d tym..
      Thank u bijith ...

    3. I love this song. I heard this song so many times. But i didn't undetstand the meaning. Now i will get the meaning from here. Thanks alot. I lost my sweat heart bcoz of our family. I really missed him so much. I missed him every second. This song remind me our love.

    4. That's funny thing about some songs. They remind you of people, moments or places. May you be happy and content with your life and Love...

  2. thank's a loooooooot Bijith for this translation you're the best.....I love this song so much....you know there is some Arabic words in the hindi language with the same meaning ,take for example in this song:haqeeqat,Sukun....
    thank u again and I'll waint your next song's translation...I'm sure that will be good

  3. excellent work by you. thanks for english translation.

  4. Thank you Rukia and BSK. Nice to see you saw this Rukia.

  5. thanx man.. its awsome song

  6. well thanks for translating this song... i fall in love with this song the first time i heard it... never understand the meaning... but now im more in love with this song.... good job.. keep it up

  7. this song is beautiful! thank u soooo much for translating it! i feel so.. so.. amazed that there ARE songs that touches a persons heart...
    um if u dont mind..
    ive been wanting u to translate the song"tu ne jo na kaha" from new york... i just love that song! could u translate that for me???

  8. Thanks for the english translation buddy keep it up take care keep smiling bye

  9. omG....this song is awesome....I really love it....my bf dedicated it to me and translation really helped me understand 'cause I'm from Europe and he's from KSA....and it made me love him even more ehehehe.....good job,keep doing it...:)

  10. Hi,
    I like this translation work. May I seek your help time to time in translation of any hindi song into english? In my blog I post sometimes french translation of hindi/bengali songs.
    Manas Basu

  11. this songg is nicee......... bc now i can actually undersand the meaning of what love really means for some1 soo close 2 u.. i miss u jaan loll

  12. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  13. could u please translate the balatkar speach from the movie 3 idiots. i cudnt find any translations

    btw, this song is so beautiful... well translated

  14. thanks for the translation!!..i find your work very useful as i dontt speak hindhi,,thanks again

  15. I understand hindi and i think you did a great job :-)

  16. ann............
    thnx a lot!!!!!!!!!
    gr8 n awesom........luved it a lot!!!!!!!!!

  17. wow!!!!!!!
    neva knew dat this had soooooooooo romantic meaning in it!!!!!!
    u ought to be thanked.........
    thnx a looooooott!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i just luv this song!!!!! beyond words!!OMG! merely amazing!

  19. Amazin lyrics. Thanks for the translation. I was tryna do it for my friend who is english, and doesnt understand but i couldnt get it to make sense. Thats really helpful mate. Thanks again.
    She also now likes the song: aa bhi ja sanam from the new movie prince. Anychance you could do me a massive favour nn translate that?
    (: x

  20. can i ve its hello tune code for Airtel?

  21. I simply love this sone so much........Thans for the Enlgihs translation

  22. Thank you really making me understand the meaning of the song... It really touched my heart...

  23. wow....superb!!! i like this song and ur translation.very nice

  24. thanks yar.....thanks for d translation..i love dis song bt dnt knw d xact meaning.....tanx for making me understand the meaning of the song

  25. i like it..........

  26. The depth of human emotions is absolutely unbelievable!!! Incredible song!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

  27. This translation is for my baby , hope she understand what she means to me now. - Shorty

  28. thanks a lot for the translation. its really having beautiful meaning.now itself i will forword it my husband who is far away from me and very close to me in heart." uske Bina Na Ek Pal Bhi, Reh Saku Reh Saku"
    thanks yar, thanks a lot

  29. Thank u
    I was searching for the English translation =)

  30. thank you really grt job

  31. i love this song but after dil ibadat becoz i think tht song is for me only so i lov ethis song too

  32. i really love this song, without understanding the lyrics im already fall in love with the song bcoz its really means to me..such amazing song, thnx for the translation :)

  33. I really love this song. Thanks for the translation....

  34. i luv this sonG alot ◕‿◕ thnkEww foR de transilation. . .

  35. Thanks alot for the translation !!!

  36. Thanks alot for the translation !!!

  37. I love this song alot..thank you for the translation!!! Greetings from Sweden

  38. I looked for an affectionate song to dedicate to my best friend Khawla,I reaaly didn't find more beautiful than this one.It speaks on behalf of my heart... To you Khawla with love...You always deserve the best !

  39. Thanks a lot....,
    I like this song first time, simple and affectiaonte lines...


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