Patiala House - Kyun Main Jaagoon ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Patiala House
Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan

Mujhe Yun Hi Karke Khwabon Se Juda
Separating me from my dreams

Jaane Kahan Chupke Baita Hai Khuda
Don't know where the God is hiding

Jaanu Na Main Kab Hua Khudse Gumshuda
Don't know when I'd lost myself

Kaise Jiyoon Rooh Bhi Mujhse Hai Juda
How will I live, when my soul is seperated from me

Kyun Meri Rahein Mujhse Poochein Ghar Kahan Hai
Why do my paths ask me where the home is

Kyun Mujhse Aake Dastak Pooche Dar Kahan Hai
Why the knock ask me where the door is

Raahein Aisi Jinki Manzil Hi Nahin
The paths which has no destination

Dhoondo Mujhe Ab Main Rehta Hoon Wahin
Search for me, now I am staying there

Dil Hai Kahin Aur Dhadkan Hai Kahin
My heart is here and it beats somewhere else

Saansein Hai Magar Kyun Zinda Main Nahi
Though breathing, why I am not living

Reth Bani Haathon Se Yun Beh Gayi
Life flowed from my hands like sand

Takdeer Meri Bikhri Har Jagah
My luck is shattered everywhere

Kaise Likhun Phir Se Nayi Daastan
How will I write a new story

Gham Ki Siyahi Dikhti Hai Kahan
Where can I find the ink of grief

Raahein Jo Chuni Hai Meri Thi Razah
The paths I chose were of my will

Rehta Hoon Kyun Phir Khud Se Hi Khafa
Still, why am I being angry with myself

Aisi Bhi Huyi Thi Mujhse Kya Khata
What was my mistake

Tune Jo Mujhe Di Jeene Ki Saza
That you gave me this punishment for life

Bande Tere Maadhe Pe Hain Jo Kheenchi
Oh pal, whatever is written on your fate

Bas Chand Lakeeron Jitna Hai Jahaan
Only that much you can have in this life

Aasoon Mere Mujhko Mitathe Rahe
My tears wither me away

Rab Ka Hukhm Na Mit_tha Hai Yahan
Nobody can change God's judgement

Kyun Main Jaagoon
Why should I wake up

Aur Woh Sapne Bho Raha Hai
That dream is shaping up

Kyun Mera Rab Yun Aankhen Khole So Raha Hai
My God, why are you sleeping with eyes open

Kyun Main Jaagoon
Why should I wake up


  1. Cadet Abrar (Md. Abrar Jahin Shanto)April 22, 2012 at 10:36 PM

    My hobby is to collect lyrics. I have collected ''kyun main jagoon'' and I remembered about my distance. It's a long story. I felt the meaning of this song. Ammaizzing!!! I'll never forget this song. But I'm so far from her. I have decided to meet her next week. I've get courage from this song. Please pray for me and oboney.

    1. Wish you all the best Abrarjee... Hope you got enough to collect from this blog :)


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