Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey - Naiyn Tere ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey
Music : Sohail Sen
Singers : Pamela Jain, Ranjini Jose
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar

Nain Tere Jhuke Jhuke Kyun Hain Yeh Bataa
Tell me why you are so shy

Koi Tho Hain Mann Mein Tere, Hum Se Sakhi Na Chupa
Someone is there in your heart, don't hide it from me dear

Main Hi Kyun Bataun Sakhi, Pehle Tu Bataa
Why should I tell first, you may tell now dear

Chori Chori Aake Tere Sapnon Mein Hai Kaun Basaa
Who is living in your dreams

Haan Nahi Chalenge Tere Mujhse Yeh Bahane
These excuses will not work now

Dil Ki Baatein Hain Lage Mujhse Tu Chupane
You have started hiding your feelings from me

Tujhko Hain Kaise Yeh Pata
How did you know this

Tere Hi Tho Nainon Ne Mujhse Sab Hain Kaha
Your eyes have told me everything

Khoyi Si Tu Uljhi Si Tu Rehti Hai Kyun Har Pal
Why you are lost and confused all the time

Dhyan Rehta Kahan Hai
Where is your attention

Bholi Na Bann Tere Bhi Mann Mein Hai Badi Hulchul
Don't pretend to be innocent, even your mind is confused

Yeh Chupa Kab Yahan Hai
How can you hide it

Haan Neend Aati Nahin Ab Kyun Tujhe Raaton Mein
Tell me why you don't get sleep at night

Naam Ek Aata Hai Kyun Sab Teri Baaton Mein
Why one name comes in often in your talk

Jhoothi Baatein Tho Na Bana
Don't make stories now

Jaanti Main Hoon Ke Tera Sapna Hai Kya
As I know what your dreams are now

Aayega Aayega Aise Woh Aayega
He will come

Angna Goonjegi Shehnai
And then there will be Shehnai playing around

Paayega Paayega Woh Mujhe Paayega
He will find me

Maine Hai Preet Jiski Paayi
He, who's Love I won

Haan Kaun Pritam Hai Tera Maine Tho Yeh Jaan Liya
Yeah, I know who is your Love

Maine Bhi Ab Tere Manmeet Ko Pehchaan Liya
Now I know your beloved

Sakhi Auron Se Na Kehna
Dear friend, please don't tell others

Mera Bhi Koi Jo Pooche Chup Rehna
And please be quite if someone asks about me

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