Chookar Mere Mann Ko - Yaarana ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Yaarana
Music : Rajesh Roshan
Singer : Kishore Kumar
Lyrics : Anjaan

Love is an absolute feeling... It cannot be defined. No one knows when one will feel it... And when it comes the people around them will feel that he/she is crazy :-). He/she will see everything in a different way...Everything looks more beautiful and fascinating. Life will fill with desires and dreams....and becomes more meaningful. A desire to live with him/her forever and ever... This song is meaningful and touching with the awesome lyrics... You will also love it ...

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Kiya Tune Kya Ishaara
Touching my heart what was the gesture you gave it

Badla Yeh Mausam, Lage Pyaara Jag Saara
That I felt the season has changed and the world felt beautiful

Tu Jo Kahe Jeevan Bhar Tere Liye Mein Gaoon
If you say, I will sing my entire life for you

Geet Tere Bolon Pe Likhta Chala Jaoon
I will write songs on what you speak

Mere Geeton Mein Tujhe Dhoonde Jag Saara
The world will look for you in my songs

Aaja Tera Aanchal Yeh Pyaar Se Mein Bhar Doon
Come, I shall fill your fringe with love

Khushiyaan Jahan Bhar Ki Tujhko Nazar Kar Doon
I will show you the happiness of the world

Tu Hi Mera Jeevan, Tu Hi Jeene Ka Sahaara
You are my life; You are my reason to live

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  1. Thank you for providing the English translation of these lyrics. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for English translation of Bhole, O Bhole, tu Rutha dil tuta. Would love it if you would provide these also.

  2. On behalf of us all, thank you very much for taking the time to post the english translation.It is very much appreciated especially by those who strive to understand the messages behind heartfelt hindi songs...

    Keep up the good effort and may god bless.


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