Tu Koi Aur Hai - Tamasha ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Its been a while a new post appeared here. A really long gap. Unintentional, but couldn't stop it ;) Always wanted to be back. This song - couldn't ignore. So here we are. Not sure how much we been able to in the old track. Promise you, we are trying. And hopefully we won't miss the action here for long anymore...

Movie: Tamasha
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: A R Rahman, Alma Ferovic, Arjun Chandy

Tu Koi Aur Hai Jaanta Hai Tu
You know that you are someone more

Saamne Iss Jahaan Ke Ek Naqaab Hai
And what you show the world is a mask

Tu Aur Hai, Koi Aur Hai
You are someone else

Kyun Nahi Woh Jo Hai
Why you can't be yourself


Tu Jahaan Ke Vaaste Khudko Bhoolkar
You are forgetting yourself for the world's sake

Apne Hi Saath Na Aise Jhulm Kar
Oh my dear, please do not do this injustise to yourself

Khol De Woh Girein Jo Lagaaye Tujhpe Tu
Free up yourself from those chains you tied on yourself

Bol De Tu Koi Aur Hai
Tell that you are someone else

Chehre Jo Ode Tune Woh Tere Kahaan Hai
The face you show is barely you

Saamne Aa
Come forward

Khol De Sab
And open up everything

Jo Hai Dil Mein Bol De Ab
Speak your heart out

Tere Raaste
Your path

Khwaab Hai Tere
Is your dreams

Tere Saath Jo Umar Bhar Chale
That which will walk with you forever

Oh Inhein Gale Lagaa
Embrace them

Tu Kaun Hai Bataa
Tell them who you are

Oh Khol De Yeh Girein
Open up those chains

Tu Koi Aur Hai
You are someone more

Teri Na Hadein
You have no boundaries

Aasmaan Hai
You, the sky

Khayal Hai
The thought

Bemisaal Hai

Tu Mauj Hai
The fun

Tu Raunakein
The brightness

Chaahe Jo Tu Woh Hai
You are what you want to be


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