Be Intehaan - Race 2 ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Race 2
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singers: Atif Aslam, Sunidhi Chauhan

Suno Na, Kahe Kya Suno Na
Please listen to what my heart says

Dil Mera Suno Na, Suno Zara
Oh beloved, please listen to my heart for a while

Teri Baahon Mein Mujhe Rehna Hai Raat Bhar
I want to be in your arms all night long

Teri Baahon Mein Hogi Subah
Want to wake up in your arms

Be Intehaan

Yun Pyar Kar Be Intehaan
Love me boundlessly

Dekha Karun Saari Umar Tere Nishan Be Intehaan
All my life I will look for your signs endlessly

Koi Kasar Na Rahe
May there be nothing missing

Meri Khabar Na Rahe
I may  lose my senses

Choole Mujhe Iss Kadar Be Intehaan
Hold me such that I may lose myself

Jab Saason Mein Teri Saasein Ghuli Tho Phir Sulagne Lage
When your breath met mine, it starts to blaze

Ehsaas Mere Mujhse Kehne Lage
My conscious started telling me

Haan Baahon Mein Teri Aake Jahaan Do Yoon Simatne Lage
When I came into your arms, two worlds met such that

Sailaab Jaise Koi Behne Lage
Emotions started to overflow

Khoya Hoon Main Aagosh Mein
I am lost in your arms

Tu Bhi Kahaan Ab Hosh Mein
Even you are not in senses now

Makhmali Raat Ki Ho Naa Subah
May there be no dawn for this silky night

Be Intehaan

Yun Pyar Kar Be Intehaan
Love me boundlessly

Gustakhiyan Kuch Tum Karo
You may do something mischievous

Kuch Hum Karein Iss Tarah
I also will do something such that

Sharmake Do Saaye Hain Jo Muhh Pherle Humse Yahaan
Even our shadows may turn their face from us blushing

Haan Choo Tho Liya Hai Yeh Jism Tune, Rooh Bhi Choomle
You have touched my body, you may kiss my soul now

Alfaaz Bheege Bheege Kyun Hain Mere
Why my words feel so delicate

Haan Yoon Choor Hoke Majboor Hoke Qatra Qatra Kahe
May every bit of us ask us in vain

Ehsaas Bheege Bheege Kyun Hain Mere
Why my feelings are so subtle

Do Bekhabar Bheege Badan
Two lost wet bodies

Ho Besabar Bheege Badan
Two impatient wet bodies

Le Rahe Raat Bhar Angdaiyaan
Are getting naughty all the night

Be Intehaan

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