Laakh Duniya Kahe - Talaash ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Talaash
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Ram Sampath

Unlike the Jee Le Zara song, this is very light and soothing. But there is something about it which made me listen to this one again and again. Hope you will also like it..

Laakh Duniya Kahe Tum Nahi Ho
The world may say that you are not there

Tum Yahin Ho Tum Yahin Ho
You are here and here only

Meri Harr Soch Mein
In my every thought

Meri Harr Baat Mein
And in my every talk

Mere Ehsaas Mein
In my feelings

Mere Jazbaat Mein
And in my emotions

Tum Hi Tum Ho
You and only you are there


Tum Har Kahin Ho
You are everywhere

Tumne Choda Hai Kab Saath Mera
When you left my side

Thaame Ho Aaj Bhi Haath Mera
Even now, you are the one holding my hand

Koi Manzil Koi Rehguzar Ho
For every aim, every path

Aaj Bhi Tum Mere Humsafar Ho
Even to this day, you are my only companion

Jaaun Chahe Jahaan Tum Vahi Ho
Wherever I go, I find you

Khushboo Banke Hawaon Mein Tum Ho
You're there in the wind as a fragrance

Rang Banke Fizaon Mein Tum Ho
You are the colour of season

Koi Gaaye Koi Saans Goonje
In any song or any breath

Sab Sureeli Sadaon Mein Tum Ho
In every hum you are there

Tumko Har Roop Mein Dil Hai Pehchanta
My heart recognise every form you take

Log Hai Bekhabar Par Hai Dil Jaanta
People are unaware but my heart knows that

Tu Mere Paas Ho Dilnasheen Ho
You are with me, in my heart

Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho...
You and only you are there

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