Delhi Belly - Tere Siva ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Delhi Belly

Music : Ram Sampath

Singers : Ram Sampath, Tarannum Mallik

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Yeh Hai Duwa Ya Hai Sazaa
Is this a blessing or punishment

Kuch Na Dikhe Tere Siva
I don't see anything except you

Tere Siva Duniya Mein Kuch Bhi Na Dikhta Hai Tere Siva
Except you I don’t see anything of this world

Tera Nasha Chhaaya Hai Chhaaya Hai Chhaaya Hai Tera Nasha
I am enchanted by you


Yeh Nasha Badh Jaaye Na Kahin Ragon Mein Chad Jaaye Na
Hope this intoxication will not increase and get into my nerves

Tere Bin Kuch Na Rahoon Pyar Be-Bas Kar Jaaye Na
Hope this Love will not make me helpless

Iss Tarah Khona Kisi Mein Teek Bhi Hai Ya Nahi
Is it right or not to get lost in someone like this

Pyar Ke Iss Saagar Mein Main Doob Na Jaaun Kahin
In this ocean of Love, may I not drawn

Iss Tarah Chootha Hai Tu Girah Si Khulti Hoon Main
You touch me in such a way that, I open up like a nodule

Kitne Din Ehzaas Yeh Sang Le Chalti Hoon Main
How long will I take this feeling within me

Din-Ba-Din Chahat Teri Ho Rahi Aadat Meri
Loving you every day is becoming my habit

Aisa Hai Tera Nasha Gum Sa Hai Khud Ka Pataa
Your Love is such that I lost myself

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