Tum - Euphoria ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Album : Dhoom
Band : Euphoria
Lyrics : Palash Sen
Singer : Palash Sen

Pehli Saans
My first breath

Mere Din Ki Pehli Dhoop
First light of my dawn

Chaand Ki Pehli Kiran
First ray of the moon

Pehla Geet
First song

Baarish Ki Pehli Boond
First drop of the rain

Tum Sheet Ki Pehli Kamban
You are the first cover in the cold

Usne Beja Tumhe Mere Liye
You were sent by Him for me

Soone Dil Ki Tum Dhadkan
You are the beating of this lone heart

Saanson Mein Jo
Who lives in my breath

Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo
Who lives in my dreams

Woh Ho Tum
That is you

Raaton Mein Jo
Who lives in my nights

Meri Baaton Mein Jo
Who lives in my talks

Woh Ho Tum
That is you

Pehli Saans
First breath

Phoolon Ki Tum Khushboo
You are the fragrance of the flowers

Pehli Jeet
First victory

Tum Pehli Haar
You are the first failure

Pehla Geet
First song

Poonam Ki Pehli Raat
First night of full moon

Tum Hi Ho Mera Pehla Pyaar
You are my first Love

Usne Beja Tumhe Mere Liye
You were sent by Him for me

Mere Dil Ki Tum Dulhan
You are the bride of my heart

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