Ava Enna Thedi Vanna Anjala - Vaaranam Aayiram ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jayraj
Lyrics : Thamarai
Singer : Karthik, V Prasanna

In 'New York Nagaram' we can feel the guy misses his love. But in this one the emotion is more strong. He misses the love, but here he has no hope of getting her back, she can never come back. He sings it as a tribute to her. Karthik has handled it well, the way he started and ends, listen closely you will feel the difference. Before watching the movie, I didn't like this song much. But once I saw the movie, not withstanding 'Nenjukkul' or 'Mundinam', this became my favorite.

Missing our loved one is the most terrible thing. But how will you feel when you know that she / he can not come back... You may close your eyes, think about the one who matter the most to you.. And imagine if she is not with you... Don't ever let it happen to you. Do not wait for the right moment to tell, do the things you want.. or you may be just too late...

Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala
She is Anjala, who came to me

Ava Neratha Paathu Sevakum Sevakum Vethala
Even beetle leaf will go red seeing her complexion

Ava Azhaga Solla Vartha Kooda Pathala
No word can describe her beauty

Ada Ippo Ippo Enakkau Vendum Anjala
I need my Anjala right now...

Ava Illa Illa Neruppu Thane Nenjila
My heart's on fire without her

Oh Onnu Kulla Onna, En Nenjikulla Ninna
She was in heart united with me

O Konjam Konjam Aaga, Uyir Pichi Pichi Thinna
She had my life bit by bit

Ava Otha Vaartha Sonna, Athu Minnum Minnum Ponna
Her every word glittered like gold

O Enna Solli Enna, Ava Makki Pona Manna
What to say, she disappeared into earth

Adanga Kuthiriya Poley, Ada Alanjavan Naane
I was roaming like a crazy horse

Oru Poova Pola Poova Pola Marthivitaley
She changed me to a flower

Padutha Thookamum Illa
I can't sleep

En Kanavula Tholla Antha Sozhi Pola Sozhi Pola Punnagayale
Even my dreams are restless thinking about her flash like smile

Ethuvo Engala Sertha Irukku Kayuthula Koarka
Something united us, held our hands

Oh Kannamuchi Aatam Ondru Aadi parthome
Playing hide and seek

Thuniyal Kannayum Katti
Covering my eyes with a ribbon

Kaiya Katthila Neeti
Spreading my hands

Innum Thedura Avala
I am searching for her

Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Where did she go alone...

Vazhka Raatinam Thaanda
Life is a giant-wheel

Thinam Suthudhu Jora
Rotating everyday

Athu Mela Keezha Mela Keezha Kathuthu Thoda
Taking up and down

Mudhal Nal Uchathil Irunthaen
Yesterday I was on top

Naan Pothunu Vizhundaen
I fell at once

Oru Meena Pola Meena Pola, Tharayila Nelinjen
Like a fish out of water, I was on floor

Yaaro Koodave Varuva
Who will join us

Yaaro Paathiyil Povaar
Who will leave in between

Athu Yaaru Enna Onnum Namma Kayyil Illaye
Who will, is not in our hands

Velicham Thanthathu Oruthi
She brought light into my life

Avala Irutula Niruthi
And she is in dark now

Joora Payanatha Kelappi
Move on with the journey

Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Where did she go alone

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Lukka Chuppi - Rang De Basanti ::: Lyrics And English Transaltion

Movie : Rang De Basanti
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Prasoon Joshi
Singers : Lata Mangeshkar, A R Rahman

Mom... The only one who will love you unconditionally. And how much ever you might change, you still be the most beautiful people to her. Why only when we been away from home, we realise how good it was, when she was around. Waiting to feel, know, do what we need, want... Pamper in every moment...

She can't bear her kids ( even if they are 50 !! ) away from her. And she will always want them back to her. This song from Rang De Basanti asserts this feeling. The kid is away and mom is waiting for him to back. Lataji and Rahman sang this to perfection... If this made you teary, it's ok... You love your mom, right...

Luka Chuppi Bahut Huyi Saamne Aaja Naa
It's enough of hide and seek, come in front of me

Kahan Kahan Dhoondha Tujhe Thak Gayi Hai Ab Teri Maa
Your mom is tired looking for you up and down

Aaja Saanjh Hui Mujhe Teri Fikar
It's been evening and I am worried about you

Dhundhla Gayi Dekh Meri Nazar Aaja Na
Come dear, my eyes became blurred

Kya Bataoon Maa Kahan Hoon Main
Mom, what I can tell about where I am

Yahan Udne Ko Mere Khula Aasmaan Hai
Here I got open sky to fly

Tere Kisson Jaisa Bhola, Salona Jahan Hain Yahan -
Innocent, like your stories, here the world is beautiful

- Sapnowala Meri Patang Ho Befikar Udd Rahi Hai Maa
Mom, here my kite of dreams is soaring high without any worries

Dor Koi Loote Nahin, Beech Se Kaate Na
The string is not stolen, not cut in middle

Aaja Saanjh Hui Mujhe Teri Fikar
It's been evening and I am worried about you

Dhundhla Gayi Dekh Meri Nazar Aaja Na
Come dear, my eyes became blurred

Teri Raah Takey Aankhiyaan
My eyes are watching the way expecting you

Jaane Kaisa Kaisa Hoye Jiyaa
Don't know what my heart feels now

Dhire Dhire Aangan Utre Andhera, Mera Deep Kahan
Slowly darkness is growing into my courtyard, where is my lamp ( kid )

Dhalke Suraj Kare Ishara Chanda Tu Hai Kahan
The setting sun gives sign to me, where are you my moon

Mere Chanda Tu Hai Kahan
My dear son where are you..

Kaise Tujhko Dikhaun Yahaan Hai Kya
How can I show you what is here

Maine Jharne Se Paani Maa, Tod Ke Piya Hai
I have drunk water from the waterfall

Guchcha Guchcha Kayi Khwabon Ka, Uchalke Chuwa Hai
I jumped and touched many bundles of my dreams

Chaaya Liye Bhali Dhoop Yahaan Hai
Here, there is sun and shade

Naya Naya Sa Hai Roop Yahan
This place is very new and fresh

Yahaan Sab Kuch Hai Maa Phir Bhi Lage Bin Tere Mujhko Akela
Mom, here I got everything, still, without you I feel all alone... 

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New York Nagaram - Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal ::: Lyrics And English Transaltion

Movie : Sillunnu Oru Kaadhal
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Valli
Singer : A R Rahman

I have heard that only when one miss and think about his love, he will realise what she mean to him. At times that is true, though it should not be the way it be. But when you are away from your loved one, when you miss her, you will realise how important she is for you... The warmth of her smile, her presence which assure you you been cared, her voice such a magical support... everything about her will be so soothing and beautiful then... But don't wait for that, just close your eyes and think about her, you might get the same feeling...

This song I happened to hear when I was in the US. My friend kept repeating this in his car and I fell in love with song more with each time... The maestro has sung it himself and assured that no one can make it better. Here it is for you, and as usual my way, the way it touched me...

New York Nagaram Urangum Neram Thanimai Adarnthathu
Loneliness grows around me when New York city sleeps

Paniyum Padarthathu
So does snow

Kappal Irangiye Kaatrum Karayil Nadanthathu
Even the wind gets off from ship and started walking on the shore

Naangu Kannadi Suvarkalukkule Naanum Meluguvarthiyum
Me and a candle, stuck inside four walls

Thanimai Thanimayo
So lone

Kodumai Kodumaiyo
Such a torture

Pechellam Thaalatu Pola Ennai Uranga Vaika Nee Illai
You are not here to sleep me with those lullaby voice

Dinamum Oru Muttham Thanthu Kaalai Coffee Kodukka Nee Illai
You are not here to serve coffee with a kiss every morning

Vizhyil Vizhum Thoosi Thannai Naavaal Eduka Nee Ingu Illai
When dust fell in my eyes, you are not here to lick it away

Manathil Ezhum Kuzhappam Thannai Theerka Nee Inge Illai
You are not here to sooth the clouds in my mind

Naan Inge Neeyum Ange
I am here and you are away

Intha Thanimayil Nimishangal Varishamanatheno
In this loneliness , moments feel like years

Vaan Inge Neelam Ange
The sky is here, blue is away

Intha Uvamaikku Iruvarum Vilakkamanatheno
How we became so

Naatkurippil Nooru Thadavai Unthan Peyarai Ezhthum En Pena
I write your name 100 times in my diary

Ezhuthiyathum Erumbu Moika Peyarum Aanathenna Thena
Ants came at once, is your name so sweet like honey

Jillendru Bhoomi Irunthum
The air is so chill

Intha Tharunathil Kulirkaalam Kodaiyanatheno
Still I feel so hot because I am alone

Vaa Anbe Neeyum Vanthal Senkanal Koode Panikatti Pole Marume
Come darling, once you are with me even fireballs become snow

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Kaise Mujhe - Ghajini ::: Lyrics and English Translation

Movie : Ghajini
Music : A R Rahman
Lyrics : Prasoon Joshi
Singers : Benny Dayal & Shreya Ghosal

At times we overlook what we have or who are with us and pretend that we are too occupied with our lives. Don't we need to appreciate our blessings... Thank God and ourselves for the gifts... Take a break. Just have a quick scan of what is important to us, whom are important to us. Tell them they are special. If you can't put that into words, sing this song... It is perfect way to say she/he is the most important aspect of your life.

Just close your eyes, dim the light and let it fill you. Listen again, every time you can feel it is just what you want to say... And will wonder why you were so late... Make it...

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi
I am wondering how you came into my life

Kismat Pe Aaye Na Yakeen
I can't believe my luck

Utar Aayee Jheel Mein Jaise Chaand Utarta Hai Kabhi
You came, like moonlight drifts over the lake

Haule Haule Dheere Se
Softly and slowly...

Gunguni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Tarannum Mein Tum
Like the dawn sunlight, making a melody

Chooke Mujhe Guzri Ho Yun
You touched me...

Dekhoon Tumhe
Shall I watch you

Ya Main Sunoo
Or listen to your voice

Tum Ho Sukoon
You are ecsatasy

Tum Ho Junoon
You are my passion

Kyun Pahle Na Aayi Tum
Why didn't you come earlier....

Main To Ye Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal Uparwale Ko Fursat Nahi
I thought nowadays God has no time

Phir Bhi Tumhe Banake Woh
Still after he made you

Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya
And brought to me

Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya
My faith in Him increased

Badley Raaste, Jharne Aur Nadi Badley Ret Ki Tim Tim
The roads, stream, river or the waves on sand may change

Chede Zindagi Dhun Koi Nahi
Life may sing a new tune

Badley Barkha Ki Rim Jhim
The melody of rain may change

Badlengi Rituen Ada
The weather may also change

Par Main Rahoongi Sada Usi Tarah
But I will remain the same

Teri Bahon Mein Bahen Daalke
My hands in your hands

Har Lamha Har Pal
Every second, every moment

Zindagi Sitar Ho Gayi
Life has become a Sitar ( musical instrument )

Rim Jhim Malhar Ho Gayi
Singing the rain song

Mujhe Aata Nahi Kismat Pe Apne Yakeen
I can't believe my luck

Kaise Mujhko Mili Tum
How I got you...

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Rehna Tu - Dilli 6 ::: Lyrics and English Translation

Movie : Dilli 6
Music : A R Rahman
Lyics : Prasoon Joshi
Singer : A R Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi

This song is one of my recent favorite. Not sure what made the magic - Rahman's composition, Prasoon Joshi's lyrics or Benny Dayal's rendition... everything was in place to make the song a classic.

It is a perfect one to woo your love. 'I love the way you are..' Is there a better way to make her special and adored... Have a beer, keep the lights dim and sing this song to her... She will love it...

Here is the lyrics and my translation. The translation may not be verbatim or the lyricist may never thought so !!! But that is the way I love it, hope you will also like to take the dream ride with me....

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu, Thoda Sa Dard Tu Thoda Sukun
You may remain the way you are... Little bit of pain, little comfort...

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu, Dheema Dheema Jhonka Ya Phir Junoon
You may remain the way you are... A slow breeze or passion...

Thoda Sa Resham, Tu Humdum, Thoda Sa Khurdura
Oh soulmate, you are like silk and sometimes bit coarse

Kabhi Tu Adh Jaa, Ya Lad Jaa, Ya Khushboo Se Bhara
At times you are stubborn, at times you fight or sometimes you are full of fragrance..

Tujhe Badalna Na Chahoon Rati Bhar Bhi Sanam
Don't want to change you, even a bit...

Bina Sajawat, Milawat Na Zyaada Na Hi Kam
No make up, no mix up, nothing more nothing less

Tuhje Chaahoon Jaisa Hai Tu
I love you the way you are...

Mujhe Tere Barish Mein Bheegna Hai Khul Jaana Hai
I want to soak in your love-rain, I want to open up

Tujhe Chaahoon Jaisa Hai Tu
I love you the way you are...

Mujhe Tere Lapat Mein Jalna Rakh Ho Jaana Hai
Want to burn to ash in your embrace

Tu Zakham De Agar, Marham Bhi Aakar Tu Lagaaye, Zakham Mein Bhi Mujhko Pyaar Aaye
If you dress the wound, hurt me and I will even love the pain..

Dariya O Dariya, Doobne De Mujhe Dariya
Let me drown in the stream of your love...

Haath Tham Chalna Hai To Dono Ke Daye Haath Sang Kaise
To walk hand-in-hand, how can we hold our right hands together

Ek Daaya Hoga Ek Baaya Hoga
One to be right and other left

Tham Le, Haath Yeh Thaam Le Chalna Hai Sang Tham Le
Hold my hand, we got to walk together...

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