Pookal Pookum - Madarasapattinam ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Madarasapattinam
Music : GV Prakash
Singers : Harini, Roopkumar Rathod, Andrea Jeremiah, GV Prakash
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, GV Prakash

The magic of Love. The Love which make you dream. Make you float. Forget the world. This song gives you exactly that. Better, it is a dream you can dream together... The perfect blend of male and female lines makes it a soothing duet. Try sing this together... The lines are simple. But, it got a power to grow deep, the more you listen and think about the song. Beautiful ride.

GV Prakash Kumar has came a long way from the 'Chikku Bukku' boy. And he definitely claims a place and grew from the shadow of his legendary uncle AR Rahman. Pause to hear the percussion notes. It does sound talent. Here he also pen the English lines too. A job well done.

Pookal Pookum Tharunam Aaruyire, Paarthathaarum Illaye
Oh beloved, no one has seen the moment flowers blossom

Pularum Kaalai Pozhudhai Muzhumadhiyum Pirinthu Povadhillaye
After dawn the full moon will not go away

Netru Varai Neram Pogavillaiye, Unadhu Aruge Neram Pothavillaye
Till yesterday, time would not go by, and now when with you, it is not enough

Ethuvum Pesavillaye Indru, Yeno Ethuvum Thondravillaye, Ithu Ethuvo?
I didn't say anything today, don't feel like saying anything, don't know why

Iravum Vidiyavillaye, Athu Vidinthaal Pagalum Mudiyavillaye Poonthalire!
My Love, the nights are not getting over, if it did, the days seem endless

Vaarthai Thevai Illai, Vaazhum Kaalam Varai Paavai Paarvai Mozhi Pesume
We don't need words, our eyes will talk to each other till we live

Netru Thevai Illai, Naalai Thevai Illai, Indru Indha Nodi Podhume
We don't need yesterday or tomorrow, all we need is this very moment

Ver Endri, Vidhai Endri, Vin Thoovum Mazhai Endri, Ithu Enna Ivan Thottam Poo Pookuthe
Without roots, without seeds, without the sky pouring rain, see his garden is flourishing

Vaal Endri, Por Endri, Valikindra Yuddham Endri, Ithu Enna Ivan Anbu Ennai Velluthe
Without sword, without struggle, without the painful wars, see his Love is winning me

Idhayam Muzhuthum Irukum Intha Thayakam, Engu Kondu Niruthum
This hesitation is filling my heart, where will it end

Ithai Ariya Engu Kidaikum Vilakkam, Athu Kidaithaal Solla Vendum Enakkum
Where will we get the explanation for this, if you get it, tell me as well


Oh Where Would I Be Without This Joy Inside Of Me
It Makes Me Want To Come Alive
It Makes Me Want To Fly Into The Sky
Oh Where Would I Be If I Didn't Have You Next To Me

Entha Megam Ithu? Enthan Vaasal Vanthu Engum Eera Mazhai Thoovuthe
Which is this cloud, who came to my doors to pour the shower

Entha Uravu Ithu? Ethuvum Puriyavillai Endra Pothum Ithu Neeluthe
What is this relation, without understanding where is it leading

Yaar Endru Ariyaamal, Per Kooda Theriyaamal, Ivanodu Oru Sondham Uruvaanathe
Without know who it is, Without knowing the name, I feel connected to him

Yen Endru Ketkaamal, Thaduthaalum Nirkaamal, Ivan Pogum Vazhiyengum Manam Poguthe
Without asking why, though tried didn't stop, my heart follows his path

Paadhai Mudintha Piragum, Intha Ulagil Payanam Mudivathillaye
Though the road ends, the journey in the world will not end

Kaatril Paranthe Paravai Marainthu Pirage, Ilai Thodangum Nadanam Mudivathillaye
Even after the bird disappeared in the sky, the dance started by the leaf will not stop

Ithu Ethuvo
What is this

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Lehrein - Aisha ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Aisha
Music : Amit Trivedi
Singers : Anusha Mani, Neuman Pinto , Nikhil D'souza
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Melancholy is the mood of the season. We had 'Saajnaa' from Lamhaa and now this one. Songs about lost Love always had deep meaning and soothing music to make a ripple. Nobody wants to be hurt. Nobody wants to cry. Still most of the times these songs struck a chord with our heart.

Javed Akhtar. Always did magic with simple but striking lines. Anusha's voice suits the mood. Her voice at times fades away, but that only add to the soul of the song. Listen to it. It is definitely going to grow within you...

Khoyi Khoyi Si Hoon Main
I am feeling lost

Kyun Yeh Dil Ka Haal Hai
Don't know why my heart feels this way

Dhundli Saari Khwaab Hai
Every dream became dull

Uljha Har Khayaal Hai
Every thought is shattered

Saari Kaliyan Murjha Gayi
Every blossom have withered

Rang Unke, Yaadon Mein Reh Gaye
Now their colour lives only in memory

Saare Gharaande Reth Ke
Every sand castle I built

Lehrein Aaye, Lehron Mein Beh Gaye
The waves came, and my castles washed away with them

Raah Mein, Kal Kitni Chirag The
Last night there were many lamps in the street

Saamne Kal, Phoolon Ki Bhaag Thi
Yesterday there was a garden in front of me

Kisse Kahun ? Kaun Hai Jo Sune ?
To whom should I tell ? Who is there to listen

Kaante Hi Kyun Maine Hai Chune
Why did I choose only the thorns

Sapne Mere Kyun Hai Kho Gaye
Why did I lose my dreams

Jaage Hai Kyun Dil Mein Gumm Naye
Why new pain is awakening in my heart

Kya Kahun Kyun Yeh Dil Udhas Hai
What should I tell, why my heart is sad

Ab Koi Door Hai Na Paas Hai
Now noone is near to me nor far

Choo Le Jo Dil, Woh Baatein Ab Kahan
Where are the words that touched my heart

Woh Din Kahan, Raatein Ab Kahan
Where are those days and nights

Jo Bhi Dhakhal Hai, Ab Khawab Sa
Now everything ducks away like dreams

Ab Dil Mera Hai Betaab Sa
My heart is restless now

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Thuli Thuli - Paiyaa ::: Lyrics And English Translation

Movie: Paiyaa
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers : Haricharan, Tanvi
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

I like the songs which give me wings to dream. This song exactly does that. Love and rain. Both romantic and dreamy... The aura of Love at first sight, the longings, the effect of her sight... Na.Muthukumar's lyrics are beautiful and just perfect. Yuvan as usual comes up with a great melody. Listen to it. Get wet in the Love rain...

Thuli Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai Vanthaley
She came like the rain pouring down

Suda Suda Suda Marainthey Ponaaley
And vanished like water vapour

Paarthal Paarka Thondrum
When I see, I feel like staring at her

Perai Ketka Thondrum
Feel like asking her name

Poo Pol Sirikum Podhu
When she smile like a flower

Kaatraai Parandhida Thondrum
Feel like flying, like the wind

Sel Sel Avalidam Sel
Go and join her

Yendrey Kaalgal Solluthada
My legs tell me

Sol Sol Avalidam Sol
Go and tell her

Yendrey Nenjam Kolluthadaa
My heart pleads

Azhagay Manathai Parithu Vittaley
She plucked my heart like a flower

Devathai Aval Oru Devathai
She is a Goddess

Azhagiya Poo Mugam Kaanavey Aayul Thaan Podhumo
Will entire life be enough to appreciate her beautiful face

Kaatriley Avaladhu Vaasanai
Her scent is in the air

Avalidam Yosanai Kettudhaan Pookalum Pookumo
Are the flowers blooming with her thoughts in their mind

Netri Meley Ottrai Mudi Aadum Podhu
Seeing the strand of hair waving on her forehead

Nenjukkuley Minnal Pookum
Lightning strikes in my heart

Paarvai Aalai Thookum
One look will make my legs go loose

Kannam Paarthaal Muthangalal Theendal Thondrum
Seeing her cheeks, I feel like kissing them

Paatham Rendum Paarkum Podhu Kollusaay Maara Thondrum
Seeing her feet, I dream of becoming her anklets

Azhagay Manathai Parithu Vittaley
She plucked my heart like a flower

Saalaiyil Azhagiya Maalayil Avaludan Pogave Yenguven
On a beautiful evening, I strive to walk with her on the streets

Tholgalil Saayuven
Want to rest myself on her shoulders

Bhoomiyil Vizhugira Velaiyil
When I fell on ground

Nizhalaiyum Odipoi Yenthuven
I will hold her shadow

Nenjiley Thaanguven
And keep it in my heart

Kaanum Pothey Kannal Yennai Katti Pottal
When I see her, she will have me tied to her by eyes

Kaayam Indru Vetti Pottal
She cut me without any pain

Uyirai Yetho Seithal
Did something to my life

Mounamaagha, Ullukuley Pesum Podhu
When I talked to myself silently

Angey Vandhu Vottu Kettal
She was there listening

Kanavil Koochal Pottal
She shouted in my dreams

Azhagay Manathai Parithu Vittaley
She plucked my heart like a flower

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